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Friday Feature Cocktail: Mama’s Barbados Holiday

Today is National Rum Day (as I’m sure you’ve seen all over the internet by now). Rather than feature a classic Daiquiri or Mojito, I want to feature a delicious and nontraditional rum drink: Mama’s Barbados Holiday! For those of you with the philosophy that bacon makes everything better, you’ll love this cocktail that takes your tropical rum drink and adds in a touch of savory bacon flavor (yes you read correctly, bacon!)

Mama’s Barbados Holiday:

  •     1 part Mama Walker’s Maple Bacon
  •     1 part Malibu Rum
  •     3 parts pineapple Juice
  •     Splash of grenadine
  •     Splash of orange juice

Mix in a shaker over ice. Serve in a shot glass.

Enjoy and Happy National Rum Day!


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National Rum Day

Hi guys – Stephanie back in action here! I wanted to post this earlier in the day, but have instead spent several hours of my day sitting in Massachusetts and, more specifically, Boston rush traffic.

So at this point in the day, you’ve probably heard that it’s National Rum Day, which is fantastic news! My favorite rum cocktail is probably the Hemingway Daiquiri – slightly tart, slightly sweet, it’s perfect for any day that you want to turn into a National Rum Day. We have also featured some fantastic rum cocktails the past several years on the Cocktail Culture blog to celebrate this most auspicious occasion.

But I thought, this year, let’s feature something a little more out there – let’s call it “silly” even! But this cocktail, the name coupled with the list of ingredients, takes me to a nostalgic place. And, given that yesterday was National Relaxation Day, we’ll combine the two and offer up the Bahama Mama – a rum cocktail with a Caribbean beach/cruise flair that was mean to be sipped while lounging under an umbrella with a good book in tow. Take a look for yourself:

Bahama Mama:

  • 3/4 parts Malibu Coconut Rum
  • 3/4 parts Hiram Walker Creme de Banana
  • 1 part Spiced Rum (Malibu Black could be a great addition here, if you have it)
  • 1 1/2 parts Orange Juice
  • 2 1/2 parts Pineapple Juice
  • 1 tablespoon Grenadine
  • Crushed Ice

Combine all ingredients with ice and mix them in a cocktail shaker. Serve over crushed ice. Garnish with Orange/Pineapple wedge. Makes enough for two cocktails.

So kick up your feet, relax, and let that Caribbean mindset take control. There seems no more perfect way to celebrate National Rum Day!


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How To Celebrate National Rum Day

My Summer State of Mind perfectly mixed all in one glass!

Without much explanation needed, here is my pick to best celebrate National Rum Day today, August 16.

It’s pretty simple, really: grab some of your favorite white rum, Hiram Walker’s Raspberry Schnapps, and a little lemon-lime fizz – you’re all set for a day of playing hooky and celebrating on the warm, sunlit beach!

Too idealistic? Perhaps an evening with one of these bad boys on the patio deck with the grill going in the backdrop is way to best enjoy this perfect summer cocktail. Here’s your recipe for the perfect Summer State of Mind:

Summer State of Mind:

Build first three ingredients over ice in a Collins glass and top with lemon-lime soda. Optional garnish with a lime peel.


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Tomorrow is National Rum Day

In over two years of writing the Cocktail Culture blog,  I have discovered an ungodly number of nationally and internationally recognized holidays that give reason to celebrating with a cocktail or two at home. What perhaps entertains me the most is, no matter the amount of background research and ‘googling’ and ‘wikipedia-hunting’ I embark on, the stories behind these designated days of celebration seems to go untold.

Tomorrow being National Rum Day seems to be no exception to this rule (though, if you have the inside story, please prove my Internet lurking wrong!). We won’t let that spoil the celebration – here’s one recipe to start the weekday festivities!

Caribbean Jewel:

Shake all ingredients hard with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a strawberry slice. (Recipe is for 2 servings)


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Prep for Rum Day: Beachcomber

Photo from Hawaiiangatherings.com

You can’t talk about rum and its post-prohibition popularity without mentioning the name Ernest Beaumont-Gantt.

“Ummm…Who?” you may ask.

Gantt, better known as Donn Beach, was one of the pioneers of the Tiki phenomenon of the 1940s and 50s. He opened a successful Hollywood restaurant, Don the Beachcomber, and concocted such famed drinks as the Zombie.

It seemed more than appropriate to dedicate a post today to Donn Beach as today is National Rum Day; Beach’s cocktails turned the rum category from the foreign and exotic to something of a staple. So today, I’m offering up the Beachcomber cocktail as a fitting Tiki tribute to Donn Beach.

Beachcomber (from our friend Robert Plotkin’s recipe database at AmericanCocktails.com)
1 ½ oz. Light Rum
¾ oz. Raspberry Liqueur
½ oz. Triple Sec (I use Hiram Walker)
½ oz. Rose’s Lime Juice
1 ½ oz. lemon sour mix
Pour the ingredients into an iced mixing glass. Shake and strain into a specialty glass with ice. Garnish with a limed wedge.



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Prep for Rum Day: Between the Sheets

Cocktail Culture is bringing you a slew of rum-based recipes in preparation of National Rum Day on August 16. This first post is a reprint of a previous CC entry, as it is one of the most widely read posts on our site.

Google “Between the Sheets” and you’ll probably find an ad from Bed Bath & Beyond, a lingerie fashion show article, and a few NSFW sites. Learn from the mistake I made and google “Between the Sheets cocktail” instead if you’re looking to find a few great articles on this tasty tipple.

I first read about Between the Sheets on the White On Rice Couple blog. It sounded delicious, yet simple, and their wonderful photography made it look all the more appealing. A variation on the Sidecar, this cocktail was created at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris during the 1930’s (according to Jay over at Oh Gosh! And trust me, he knows what he’s talking about). Here it is—

Between the Sheets

¾ oz. Cognac (I like Colleen’s suggestion to use Apricot Brandy instead!)

¾ oz. Light Rum (Appleton Estate White)

¾ oz. Triple Sec (Hiram Walker)

½ oz. Lemon Juice

Shake ingredients well in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon twist.



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