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Unusual Uses for Absinthe

The Sea Fizz is a frothy cocktail calling for Pernod Absinthe.

Absinthe and egg whites surprisingly go hand-in-hand and the two recipes I’ve found to share today certainly support this claim. As you see, today is National Absinthe Day, so it’s important that we put those bottles on our back bars to use.

Anise-flavored spirits have had a lukewarm reception here in the US; we just can’t seem to fully embrace that flavoring of licorice in spirits such as absinthe and, another example, ouzo (if you haven’t yet already seen it “Boozehound” author and WaPo columnist Jason Wilson wrote a great piece just this week on ouzo’s acceptance in the US).

My hope is that the two recipes below provide enough other flavor and texture elements to help mitigate that strong anise presence in the absinthe cocktail. And, as always, please share with me your thoughts on these recipes and how, perhaps,  you have found other success incorporating absinthe into cocktails.


Absinthe Flip
• ½ part Pernod Absinthe
• ½ part Hiram Walker Orange Liqueur
• 2 tsp lemon juice
• 1 egg
• 1 tsp sugar
• grated nutmeg

Shake ingredients well with ice. Strain into a prechilled Delmonico glass.
Sprinkle nutmeg on top.

Sea Fizz (pictured above)
• 1 part Pernod Absinthe
• ½ part simple syrup
• ½ part lemon juice
• egg white

Add all ingredients to shaker except for egg white. Shake.
Include egg white and shake again. Serve in a rocks glass.

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Can we pair spirits and cocktails with dinner?

Should a cocktail accompany this Ricotta cheese stuffed ravioli? The discussion starts here! (Photo from Alan Moss at The Real Absinthe Blog)

I received an email earlier this week from Alan Moss, who writes about absinthe over at his site The Real Absinthe Blog. He was motivated to get in touch with me after reading about food and absinthe pairings from Pernod Absinthe’s bar crawl in Boston.

I wanted to share Alan’s comments because I’ve noticed of late that there seem to be differing viewpoints on the relationship between spirits and food at meal times.

Here is Alan’s input on the subject from an absinthe dinner in May over in Malaysia:

…We drank absinthe in 7 different ways to match the different courses, and they all went VERY well. We had La Clandestine (the “blanche” or white absinthe that Helen mentions (in the comments section of the bar crawl post)) with several courses, notably in the “Caipirinha” and Death in the Afternoon cocktails which were paired with ravioli and salmon dishes. We had a green absinthe with the oyster and chicken courses.

Good absinthe is very complex and does indeed work well with food.

Beer and wine traditionally seem to be the more obvious choices when choosing a mealtime beverage. Contrary to Alan’s thoughts, I’ve noticed people tend to be of the impression that the harsh alcohol content of spirits can be misguiding and hide the enhanced flavors of the food. These individuals I’ve spoken with will have a cocktail before dinner and then move to wine with their meal. As  for me? Well, I certainly don’t have the world’s most ‘developed’ palate; however, I’m happy to see the cocktail continue on throughout the evening.

Developing even further on this – are spirits simply served on the rocks an acceptable dinnertime drink? Is it just cocktails, with their syrups and acidic juices, being the problem child in this debate over mealtime beverages? There seem to be more and more opportunities arising to enjoy cocktails paired with gourmet meals, but are they truly balanced? Share with me your thoughts!


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In case you missed it:

I recently was extended the opportunity to join the team of talented booze-y bloggers and writers at Bar None Drinks and am proud to be included in this wonderful spirits community.

I am thrilled to let you all know that my first column is up online! And you should go read it! Like, right now! This month’s post is a discussion surrounding absinthe and the lesser known Bohemian Style that is making headlines for its mixability in cocktails.

So continue to check back here and at Bar None Drinks for cocktail and spirits news. If there is a particular topic you’d be interested in learning more about, leave me a comment. I’m always eager to dig up the goods on the spirits you are most excited about.


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Celebrate Pernod’s origin with a special discount

Dear fellow tippler,

You spent your whole paycheck on bar tabs and fancy liquors again, didn’t you? We know just how you feel.

To help balance your booze budget, there’s a coupon just for you! The good folks at Pernod Absinthe are offering a coupon to Facebook users who become an online fan of the acclaimed liquor. Now through May 18th, you can earn a rebate of $18.05 (chosen after the year the absinthe was originally developed) for one purchased 750 mL bottle of Pernod Absinthe. But you have to be a Facebook fan to reap the benefits!

So before you next plan to blow your bankroll at the local liquor store (yup, we’re both on a first name basis there, too…), sign up to be a Pernod Absinthe Facebook fan. You will feel rewarded knowing that you will be able to still eat that night with all the moola you’ll be saving.  😀

Enjoy this special discount from the Creators of Absinthe in 1805!

Your friends at Cocktail Culture

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Creator of Cocktails & Conviviality

Check out this great video from Pernod Absinthe, in which Joaquin Simo (of Death & CO.) waxes poetic about Absinthe, cocktails, and showing his guests a good time.

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How to Drink Absinthe

If you’ve already snagged a bottle of Absinthe for yourself and your friends but still have no idea what to do with it, check out Liquor.com. It’s a new site on the web with articles and posts from some esteemed contributors. Jim Meehan of NYC’s PDT (also known as the guy who cleaned up at the Tales of the Cocktail Spirits Awards last year) recently wrote a short piece entitled “An Adult’s Guide to Absinthe” (SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t involve Red Bull).

Of course, I’m pleased to see Pernod Absinthe made mention, alongside St. George & Pontarlier, the latter being news to me. But whatever brand you’re drinking, you’d be wise to heed Mr. Meehan’s advice. He kind of knows what he’s talking about…

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Mardi Gras Cocktails

viva-la-franceOk, so I’ve got to be honest. I’ve never really understood the whole Mardi Gras thing. It’s kind of French, it’s kind of Catholic, it’s the day before Lent but it’s total debauchery. Are we just trying to get all the sinning out before Lent starts, or is it just an excuse to party hard on a random Tuesday?


Last summer I visited New Orleans, the famed home of the biggest Mardi Gras celebration in the U.S., for Tales of the Cocktail and fell in love with the birthplace of the American cocktail. Even on a relatively quiet and excruciatingly hot night in July, Bourbon street was alive with jazz, drinks, and (unfortunately, for me) middle-aged folks wearing nothing but body paint—Yikes! I can only imagine how crazy things are in the Crescent City this week, with Mardi Gras celebrations in full swing.


Regardless of its reason for being, I’ve always enjoyed Mardi Gras because it’s the perfect time to be carefree, have fun, and get a taste of the warmer seasons ahead with great spring/summer party cocktails. So un-pack your blenders, pull out your drink umbrellas and swirly straws and fix up a couple of these. I guarantee you they’ll be better than the 7-Eleven Slurpee-esque Hurricanes they sell on Bourbon.


Vive le Mardi Gras! Cheers!


White Peach Paloma


2 oz. Tequila

½ oz. Hiram Walker White Peach Schnapps

2 oz. Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

2 oz. Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

1 oz. Simple Syrup


Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into a salt-rimmed glass filled with ice. Garnish with a lime corkscrew. Serve blended, if preferred.


Southern Belle


1 ¾ oz. Absinthe

1 ¼ oz. Hiram Walker Pomegranate Schnapps

Splash cranberry juice


Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.


Grapeful Red


1 oz. Hiram Walker Pink Grapefruit Schnapps

¼ oz. Hiram Walker Triple Sec

Dash grenadine


Shake over ice & serve in a chilled shot glass.    

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Boston, Part Two:

Alibi MenuAlibi


At the foot of Boston’s charming Beacon Hill neighborhood stands a historical building with a modern twist. This 1851 granite-style structure, the former Charles Street Jail, was renovated last year to become the fabulous Liberty Hotel. It’s a gorgeous luxury hotel, but it’s stayed true to its historical roots. The prison-theme is found throughout, including in the hotel’s own nightlife hotspot Alibi.


I was told Alibi was the hottest new thing on the Boston nightlife scene, so I made my way over there after finishing up my Freedom Trail Cocktails. Let me tell you, this place makes an impression from the moment you walk in. It’s located in the old “drunk tank” of the jail and features brick cell walls and black iron bars. Inspired, no doubt, by America’s uncanny obsession with celebrity gossip, Alibi’s walls are decked-out with familiar celebrity mugshots. Each one features a cheeky “alibi” (my personal favorite is the his & hers combo of Hugh Grant and Divine Brown—check out their alibis for a good chuckle).


Ok, let’s talk drinks. This drink menu has got to be one of the most trendy and cutting-edge in Boston. At a smaller bar I visited earlier in the evening, the bartender had never even heard of Absinthe, St. Germain, or Cachaca, but the Alibi menu featured all. Kudos to them for keeping up with the latest style in cocktails, but I’ve got to say not all the drinks were to my liking. Their “Cash & Prizes” drink featured three ingredients I might have enjoyed separately, (rye, Absinthe, and apricot jam) but I really wasn’t crazy about them combined. I’ve got to be honest…the jam looked like squid-bits in the bottom of my glass. Luckily, I got the opportunity to wash that sip down with a delicious drink they call a “Cell Block Spritzer” (vodka, St. Germain, and lingonberry syrup topped with soda and served on the rocks). They (more-than) redeemed themselves with that one. It’s a new favorite. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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