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Drink in the New Year

leblon-rasp-belliniTonight is New Year’s Eve and, for me, that’s kind of a big deal. You see, this is the first year since I’ve been of legal drinking age that I’m not employed as a bartender and thus, have the evening (and tomorrow, for that matter) to enjoy a tipple or two of my own! It’s snowing here now and I’m on my way out of the office, but I’ll be stopping into the grocery store to pick up some raspberries for this tasty delight. I suggest you give it a try yourself and toast to a happy, healthy New Year! Cheers!


Raspberry Bellini


2 oz. Leblon Cachaça

6 raspberries

A dash of lime juice

2 tsp. superfine sugar

Top with Perrier Jouet champagne


Muddle raspberries, superfine sugar, and fresh lime juice in a shaker. Fill the shaker with ice and add Leblon Cachaça. Shake vigorously. Strain into a champagne flute and top with Perrier Jouet. Enjoy!

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Mom’s Christmas Cocktail

christmas-candlelight-living-desktopIs it strange to get a voicemail from your mother at 8 o’clock in the morning, asking you to try this new cocktail recipe she’s stumbled across? I thought so, but I have strict orders to post this one on the blog (plus it does sound pretty tasty & easy to make!). Haven’t tried it yet but will probably be drinking too many over the course of the next couple days.


Mom’s Christmas Cocktail:


1 oz. vanilla flavored vodka

1 oz. Hiram Walker White Crème de Cacao

½ oz. Hiram Walker Peppermint Schnapps

½ oz. light cream


Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a miniature candy cane.  


Happy Holidays everyone!!! See you in the New Year!

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Sandeman Thursday Drink Night Cocktails

sandeman-port-picAs promised, I have a few Sandeman Port Cocktails to share from last week’s Thursday Drink Night. For the full list (and transcript of the evening) keep an eye on the Mixoloseum Blog. The winning recipe from this TDN (which hasn’t been officially announced just yet) will be published in an upcoming Mud Puddle cocktail guide that will be available in all Borders stores in the US!


Trans-Europe Express by Craig Mrusek of Dr. Bamboo:


1 oz. gin

3/4 oz. Sandeman Founder’s Reserve

1/2 oz. St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur


Build over ice and squeeze in a lime wedge.


Founder’s Sling by Rick Stutz of Kaiser Penguin:


2oz Sandeman Founder’s Reserve Port

1oz Tuaca

1/2oz lime juice

2 dashes maraschino

dash Angostura


Swizzle. Top with 1.5oz ginger beer and 1/2oz dark Jamaican rum.


Voyage by Tiare Olsen of A Mountain of Crushed Ice:


1oz dark Jamaican rum

1oz Sandeman port

1/4oz Santa Teresa Orange

top with ginger ale

orange peel garnish


The John O’Groats by Paul Clarke of Cocktail Chronicles:


2 oz Port

1/4 oz Scotch

1/4 oz Creme de Cacao

 1 oz Lemon Juice


The Moche by Stevi Deter of Two at the Most:


1 oz pisco

1 oz Sandeman founder’s reserve

1/2 ounce Licor 43

2-4 dashes cherry bitters


Portuguese Manhattan by SeanMike Whipkey of Scofflaw’s Den:


2 oz bourbon/rye

1 oz sandeman founder’s reserve port

2 dashes cherry or orange bitters


Trinidad Sand by Matt Robold of Rumdood:


1.5 oz rum

1.5 oz Sandeman 10yo

2 dashes grapefruit bitters

.5 oz lime juice


Strain over rocks. Top w/ 2 oz of ginger beer.



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Thursday Drink Night with Sandeman Port

porto-sandeman1A quick announcement for all you boozehounds and cocktail aficionados—Sandeman Port is sponsoring Thursday Drink Night tonight at the Mixoloseum chat room. Join us from 7pm (EST) till God knows when, as we throw out Port cocktail ideas, give them a try on the spot, critique, and discuss. Ted Emerson, Brand Director for Sandeman will be joining us from 7-8pm to field questions so don’t be late!


What’s that? You’ve never been to the Mixoloseum? Easy Peasy…just go to their site, make yourself a username/password and come right in! It’s open to the public and we love to see newcomers! At the very least, check in here later for an update on all the evening’s fabulous creations. I now leave you with an awesome drawing of myself participating in Sandeman TDN. Take that Dr. Bamboo! Cheers!ccf12182008_000001 


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If these walls could talk…

jameson1-2If you’ve been to New York (or, for that matter, any other major U.S. city) anytime recently, you’ve probably noticed that ads are everywhere! Much more than before, ads are popping up in truly unconventional spaces across the city, as brands try to get their message heard above all the noise. So, it’s no huge surprise then that Jameson Whiskey has started to advertise by projecting images on the sides of large buildings. Impressive ads, several stories high are showing up across New York and Los Angeles this month as Jameson begins this innovative campaign. What’s so innovative about it? Well…the walls are talking…


Ok, maybe they’re not “talking” per se, but they are communicating—with passers-by in real time. Imagine approaching a huge ad on the side of a building with a message that says “Hey you! Yes you, in the blue shirt.” It might just grab your attention, huh?


Copy-writers will be engaging people, whom they can see via camera, by communicating to them in real time—very cool. Wouldn’t you love to be behind that camera, watching people’s faces contort with confusion as they realize the ad is talking to them? I can imagine the stages in this process.


  1. The unenthused passer-by quickly glances at yet another ad on the busy New York City streets.
  2. Passer-by slows to a stop to contemplate why the ad’s text “Hey You” is so random. “How’s that supposed to sell Jameson?” passer-by will think to self.
  3. After ad types “Yes, you,” passer-by will point to self and look around to see if anyone else is noticing.
  4. After ad types something more detailed like “you, in the blue shirt,” passer-by will look at his/her shirt to confirm that it is, indeed, blue.
  5. A look of shock followed by goofy smiling and unbelievable laughter will follow, while the passer-by attempts to tell everyone around about what is going on.
  6. A crowd gathers to join in the fun and everyone is late for work. It’s ok, it was worth it.  

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Sandeman for the Holidays

sandeman_porto_founders_reserveag_11652550001This time of year it’s unlikely a weekend passes without some sort of holiday party or gathering to attend. I love to cook and often jump at the chance to make a dish to share like my awesome cream cheese & sausage stuffed mushrooms, or my yummy spinach-artichoke dip. But I’ve got to tell you—I’m just exhausted. The holiday shopping, planning, decorating combined with the fact that its dark half the day has already taken its toll on me. I’m looking for the easy way out, but I still want something that everyone at the party will love.


So, what did I bring to Thanksgiving this year? A bottle of Sandeman Port Founder’s Reserve. Only a few people at dinner had ever tasted port, and they were eager to try something new. So, I served it up with dessert and it was a huge hit! Sweet, fruity, and a little bit nutty, I found it absolutely fabulous just sipped straight. I left the remaining half of the bottle with my parents and, I’m told, it didn’t last too long.


If you really prefer cocktails, you should try working port into them. There were a few entries in the Hiram Walker Gingerbread Cocktail Competition that used port & on Thursday, December 18th, Sandeman is hosting Thursday Drink Night over at the Mixoloseum. All night, cocktailians will be mixing innovative new cocktails using the product, providing us all with fantastic ideas for our own holiday parties! If you haven’t already, sign up and join in on the fun!

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Tony & The Tiger

tony-and-the-tiger1Doug Winship over at the Pegu Blog, just did a write-up on his very different approach to the Hiram Walker Gingerbread Cocktail Competition. He may be a day late and a dollar short but he’s got one hell-of-a recipe to share (well, two recipes actually).


When you think gingerbread, you think dessert, right? Of course! So, not only did Doug throw together a sweet & simple dessert sipper (which you can easily replicate for your holiday party, no excuses!), but he paired it with a yummy-looking treat (as in food) made with the Gingerbread Liqueur.


The drink? Tony. The dessert? The Tiger. The recipes? I’ll give them to you here but make sure and click through to read the funny story about how they came to be.




1 part Hiram Walker Gingerbread Liqueur
1 part Tia Maria

Combine ingredients over ice and stir gently just enough to cool but not chill. Strain into a cocktail glass. (C’mon, you can do this!)


The Tiger


2 cups Heavy Whipping Cream

8 tablespoons Hiram Walker Gingerbread Liqueur

1 pack thin gingersnaps


Check out his post for full instructions. They’re detailed but easy-to-do!






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