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24 Drinks with Beefeater 24: The Golden Cup

Cocktail Culture’s going to keep the gin drinks coming with “24 drinks with Beefeater 24,” a warm-weather series that’ll stretch through summer and provide you with some delectably light cocktails.

This week I’m on a cucumber kick, so I’ll keep that going with the next drink in our “24 Drinks” series—The Golden Cup. It’s fresh (thanks to the apple, cucumber, and mint), light (thanks to the soda), and delicious (duh!).  And frankly, it’s gorgeous.

The Golden Cup – created by Charles Vexenat

2 ounces Beefeater 24

1 ounce Hiram Walker Orange Curacao

1 ounce Amontillado Sherry

1/8 Granny Smith apple (diced)

1 inch cucumber (diced)

Soda to top

Bruise apple and cucumber. Add ice and other ingredients. Stir and decant into a wine or Collins glass. Garnish with a mint sprig.




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Mixology Monday – Punch

This month, Mixology Monday focused on the theme of punch and was hosted by Mike over at Hobson’s Choice. How could you think that Sam and I would pass over this topic?! It’s punch! Here is what our fellow blogger had to say on the topic:

Punch fell out of style in the United States decades ago as a result of a confluence of factors. The temperance movement was growing. Advances in the distillation and aging of liquors meant they didn’t need heavy manipulation to be enjoyed. And, perhaps most destructive of all, people started acting like they were too busy to enjoy a punch. As Wondrich writes in his most recent book, Imbibe!, “[t]o sit around a tavern ladling libations out of a capacious bowl was as much to confess that you didn’t have anywhere to be for the next few hours, and America was a go-ahead country, as everyone was always saying.”

I think it is time to reclaim the heritage. Sure you can go out to a bar and get a good punch in almost any big city in the US, but we shouldn’t be hesitant to have a few friends over, pull out the punch bowl and ladle away a few hours in the comfort of our own respective homes. But to do that, we are going to need recipes.

Another idea that Mike makes to consider when creating a crowd-pleasing punch is seasonality – most significantly in the use of the freshest berries and citrus. Master Distiller Desmond Payne developed Beefeater 24 using Japanese Sencha and Chinese Green teas as a botanical, which serves as a great compliment to the fruit. It can be utilized as our punch base year-round since, unfortunately, Avon is presently suffering from identity crisis with regards to the weather. One day it is sunny and up in the high-60s, the next it shoots back down to rainy and 40 degrees. It’s driving this Arizona native crazy!

Here are our two submissions for this Punch-themed Mixology Monday, since I just can’t figure out what time of year it really is.

Burroughs Festive Plum Punch

1 part Beefeater 24 Gin
1 part Sloe Gin
1 ½ parts lemon juice
½ part orange juice
¼ part simple syrup
1/8 part marmalade
1 ½ parts Belvoir spiced berry cordial
3 parts chilled Earl Grey tea
2 parts Prosecco

Mix first 8 ingredients in a punch bowl and chill with ice. Add Prosecco and garnish with berries, citrus wheels, plums, and grated nutmeg.

Summer Gin Punch

2 parts Beefeater 24 Gin
½ part Maraschino liqueur
½ part water
¼ part gomme syrup
¼ part lemon juice
½ part orange juice
1 part soda
1 lemon twist
1 orange twist
2 raspberries
2 chunks of diced pineapple

Build all ingredients in a mixing glass over ice, then transfer contents in a punch cup. Top with soda.

Rain or shine, I encourage you to enjoy!

Edit: Mike over at Hobson’s Choice did a wonderful wrap-up of the MxMo Punch event. This MxMo brought forth 37 recipes from 28 cocktail bloggers and enthusiasts.

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Beefeater 24 Boston Tea Party

Beefeater_24_bottle shot_bostonizedAs I mentioned in a previous post, Beefeater 24 is spreading its wings and expanding its horizons. The product officially launches in Boston this week, with a tea party tomorrow evening at Drink. Master Distiller Desmond Payne will be on hand to officially introduce his newest baby, and brand ambassador Dan Warner will be slinging drinks for all.

In honor of Beefeater 24’s arrival in Beantown, the fine folks at Drink have created a few new cocktail recipes to feature it. Here’s the first of three, which I’ll be sharing over the course of the next few weeks.

Gin Old Fashioned:

Created at Drink in Boston

2 oz. Beefeater 24 gin

¼ oz. gomme syrup

1 dash bergamot bitters

1 dash angostura orange bitters

No word yet on whether or not Ben Affleck will attend, if clam chowder or Boston Baked Beans will be served, or if the Sox game will be on. But you can bet it’ll be a wicked cool place to share a drink with a few of Boston’s best.

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Bitter Winner: Congrats Sam Meyer!

sam meyer 1Wow! This contest was practically over before it started—that’s what happens when you dangle rare bitters in front of cocktailians. But then again, did anyone have a chance when matched against the sheer determination and will power of a man who seriously made the Discovery Channel go broke when they foolishly allowed him to ride in the Cash Cab!?! For real…he made way more  cash than these guys and he was all by his lonesome.

Congratulations to Sam Meyer, winner of the Beefeater Bitters contest, who took these photos of sam meyer 2himself & a bottle of the bitters at New York’s Death & Co (it was dark but you get the idea). For all his efforts (which included a failed stop @ Pegu) Sam will become one of just 100 lucky Americans to own the bitters, which were specially-made for Beefeater 24 by the folks at The Bitter Truth. Check out his blog—maybe if we’re nice he’ll share some tasting notes once he gets a chance to try them in a few cocktails.

And check out the photo below for a better look at the bitters bottle. Let’s hope our friends at The Bitter Truth make a few more so I can keep the games coming. Thanks so much for playing everyone!beefeater24_bitters

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Bitter Winner

bittersMixologists and cocktail enthusiasts sure do love their bitters. I’ve overheard, on more than one occasion, a group of like-minded cocktail lovers bragging about their bitters collection. Check out Kaiser Penguin’s recent post: Who Has the Most Bitters? for evidence of this. Interested in growing your collection, bitters-lovers? I’ve got your chance to score a very rare bottle of bitters right here….

The Bitter Truth recently created special-made bitters for Beefeater 24 gin. (For those unfamiliar, The Bitter Truth is a German company run by Stephan Berg and Alex Hauck. They make a range of bitters and liqueurs and have fast become successful and popular, especially within the bartending community). Currently there are only 100 bottles of these Beefeater bitters in the US and they are NOT for sale—but guess what?

I’ve got one.


Well it could be yours-but first, read on.

Unfortunately, I can’t share very much about these Beefeater bitters, but here’s a bit of info from Beefeater brand ambassador Dan Warner:

“In order to produce the bitters we send Stephan [Berg, of The Bitter Truth] high proof, straight off the still Beefeater Gin and he uses this as a base. The recipe is Stephan’s secret but he did tell me that lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, and ‘a few different types of citrus’ are featured. They work amazing in martinis and I’ve also been dashing them in my G&Ts.”

Like I said, the bitters are a limited edition product and not currently for sale. Dan Warner is simply gifting them to select bars in New York and San Francisco. Here are a few names of establishments where you can find them (though they might be in more by now):

15 Romolo-San Francisco

The Rickhouse-San Francisco

Clock Bar-San Francisco

Nopa-San Francisco

Bourbon & Branch-San Francisco

Gitane-San Francisco

Pegu Club-NYC

Death & Co-NYC



Double Crown-NYC

So, you’re still wondering how you can get your hands on a bottle, huh? I’m offering up my bottle to the first reader who submits a photo of themselves with the bottle of Beefeater Bitters at one of the New York or San Francisco establishments they’re in. My apologies to those of you who aren’t near one of these major cities—I know what you’re thinking. These city slickers have all the fun, but you know what? They also pay exorbitant sums for rent and have to breathe in loads of pollution. Feel better? Me neither, but alas…

If you’re a bitters-lover and you’re in the San Fran or NYC area—get down to one of these joints with a camera in tote stat. Send your photo to me at samharrigan_at_comcast_dot_net. There can only be one winner so get on it! Good luck!

UPDATE: We have a winner, folks. Official announcement post will be up later today.


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Beefeater 24—Coming to a City Near You!

beefeater-24Well, maybe. Earlier this year the new gin, which features natural botanicals and flavors such as grapefruit, bitter almond, orris root, seville orange and accents of Japanese Sencha Tea and Chinese Green Tea, made its debut in the States. But much to the dismay of gin-swigging cocktailians everywhere, it was only initially available in New York and San Francisco.

In September, Beefeater 24 will become available in Beantown, LA-LA Land, and the City of Brotherly Love. Keep an eye here for updates and photos from the fabulous launch parties! And if you’re still nowhere near any of these cities—Patience, dear friend! The brand plans to expand to even more markets early next year.

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If you think it’s hot here…

CIMG3590(The title of this post was taken from a sign in front of a missionary I passed on the Streetcar this afternoon—hilarious!)

For those of you who haven’t been following my footsteps on Twitter, I arrived in New Orleans yesterday for the Tales of the Cocktail festival. My trip didn’t start so well, after listening to the lady sitting next to me on the plane verbally assault our fellow travelers about their “flight etiquette” for a half an hour straight.

But things changed dramatically for the better once I was safely within the French Quarter limits. I’m staying at the Hotel Monteleone, a New Orleans landmark with a rich history. I’m so glad to be in the middle of all the action this year (last year we stayed in a hotel just outside the French Quarter).

In the evening, Beefeater Gin put on an amazing welcome reception which featured fantastic Beefeater & Beefeater 24 cocktails (like Lambeth Lemonade & Montford Spritz). They had outrageous actors in British garb, tasty food (though I did pass on the pig—I don’t like looking my food in the eye), and some fabulous attendees. Audrey Saunders, Dan Warner, and Blair Reynolds were just a few of the many bartenders slinging delicious gin cocktails for a packed house. Mr. & Mrs. Cocktail got up to say a few words and welcome everyone to Tales, and Mr. Desmond Payne (master distiller of Beefeater and Beefeater 24) even graced us with a few fine words about the work he’s been doing on creating and promoting the new Beefeater 24. Great fun was had by all—but I’m having a hell of a time trying to upload pictures at the moment so you’ll have to wait to see the proof!

Update: I think I’ve got this photo thing figured out now-here are a few:



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