Kayla Joyce and Sarah Eisenmenger are the voices behind the Cocktail Culture blog. Find out more about them below!

Kayla Joyce is an account executive for a marketing firm in Avon, CT where she has been working for five years. Working for clients in the beer, wine and spirits category, she is always eager to help out with product samplings and tastings. She has been learning from the best in the business and hopes to one day become a cocktail connoisseur herself.  Working closely on the trade side of the industry gives her a knack for finding – and blogging! – about up-and-coming trends in the spirits industry! When she’s not kicking back with a beer you can find her drinking an island inspired cocktail at her home bar “Island Timmy’s”. Feel free to contact her with any questions, comments or concerns at BevBizPR@BevBizMarketing.com

Disclosure Statement:

BevBiz Marketing is a marketing consulting company which represents for-profit clients and brands. As publisher of this blog we want to clearly disclose to our readers that we have a material relationship with those clients for which we are compensated and whose products are provided as free samples for our tasting and review. We may from time to time distribute free product samples to other bloggers on behalf of our clients. These bloggers in turn may write tasting notes, product reviews or otherwise comment on the products. We communicate with those bloggers to whom we send products that they are obliged by FTC guidelines to disclose to their readers that product samples were provided free to them on behalf of our clients when they write about those products.

17 responses to “About

  1. Hi Samantha.
    I work for Table & Vine in West Springfield and was sent this from the owner of Zygo and 44 North – he was thrilled this made a google alert. Thanks for both of us.
    I’d like to talk to you more about getting our site on here and also to make sure you are on my email listing,so you know all of our events.
    Email is the best way initially to reach me and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Maria

  2. Love the colors and background on your blog. Great job, btw. Found you on twitter.

  3. Joey

    Hi, love the blog!

    Have a question – I’ll be in London for a week in December, and am wondering if there are any spirits/mixers/miscellanea that cannot be readily found in the US and that I should look out for.



    • cocktailculture

      Hi Joey,

      Thanks for reading! Keep your eye out for Havana Club Cuban Rum–though I guess you’d have to drink it all before returning home 😉 Also, if you don’t currently live in a US city that carries Beefeater 24 gin (New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Fransisco) make sure to pick up a bottle of that as well. Most of all, have a great time!



  4. Ladies:

    Like the blog. I will be reading through more of the archives as I can. I have enjoyed it so far.

    I would be curious as to what your favorite bourbon cocktail would be as I am a brown liquor enthusiast (although I will drink anything that gets in my way if I have to).

    Keep up the good work,

    Erik Nabler

  5. Hey Ladies!

    I absolutely love you blog, check in at least once a week. We appreciate your mentions of Liquor.com in a few articles as well. If you guys are in SF anytime soon, it would be great to meet up for a cocktail!



    • cocktailculture

      Hi Amanda,

      Thanks for the kind words! We’ll be sure to take you up on the cocktail offer on our next venture out West!!

      Sam & Steph

  6. Great blog, keep it up!

  7. frozen lime margaritas and white wine sangria are my favourites. Great pictures on your blog

  8. Pingback: Shanna Quinn » Box o’ Cinn

  9. Hi Stephanie,
    Love the blog and the photos, but I’m biased 😉
    Hope to collaborate again soon. Oh and will have to pass on a clementine martini recipe a friend turned me onto…

    • cocktailculture

      Hi Greg,
      It’s a pleasure working with you! Looking forward to more projects and more Margarita Mondays 🙂


  10. Stephanie,

    I found a *great* watermelon daiquiri recipe in either the Sunday Boston Globe or Boston Herald (can’t remember which one) two weeks ago. I’ve tried searching the website to no avail.

    Do you have any connections there that could track that down??



  11. No….that wasn’t it but I will definitely be keeping it handy. Watermelon drinks are so great in the summer!



  12. Hi Stephanie,

    We absolutely love your cocktails and blog. Because of this, we’ve nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! Check out our post to find out more: http://wp.me/p2gmDL-37


    Nicole 🙂

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