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Friday’s Feature Punch: White Peach Punch

Welcome back to another Friday! Tomorrow I will be making my first beach trip of the season (very long overdue) and I couldn’t be more excited for some relaxation in the sun and sand! When my friends and I prepare for a trip to the beach we always pack a cooler of the essentials: water, sandwiches, snacks, and of course, some sort of boozy concoction.

We played around with various recipes in the past, but struggled to find the perfect punch to accompany our beautiful beach days. Luckily, all of those difficulties disappeared when we tried out this week’s Friday Feature Cocktail Punch: White Peach Punch. It provides the ideal blend of flavor and refreshment, and who doesn’t want a scoop of sherbet on a hot sunny day? With summer kicking into full swing here is a recipe that all of you need to try!

White Peach Punch

  • 2 cups ABSOLUT Citron® Vodka
  • 2 cups Hiram Walker® White Peach Schnapps
  • 1¼ cups Cranberry Juice
  • 1¼ cups Pineapple Juice
  • 2½ cups Fresh Sour Mix
  • 2½ cups Lemon-Lime Soda
  • 1 Scoop Rainbow Sherbet

Combine ingredients in Punch Bowl ¾ full of ice. Scoop sherbet into balls and float on top or float entire quart of sherbet. Multiple servings.

This is a great summer punch for an outdoor barbeque or poolside party. If you’re like me and plan to make this for a trip to the beach, I recommend buying a Styrofoam cooler and mixing the punch right inside, but here are some tips if you choose this route:

  • Hold the the Styrofoam cooler by the base, the little handle is not always reliable and cleaning up the spill is NOT fun. (It’s also very sad… all that punch gone to waste)
  • Bring extra ice!! (and waters, no one wants to dehydrate!)
  • Wear sunscreen 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend



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Cocktail Culture’s New Friend: Smarty Had A Party!!!

Hi everyone, I apologize for the lack of posting in the past week, but to make it up to you, I’m going to share with you all a guest post I wrote for our new friends at Smarty Had a Party, a super helpful website that has anything you could ever need for throwing a party! They also have a lovely section for ‘Party Recipes’ (which is where Cocktail Culture comes in). We shared with Smarty Had a Party a delicious White Peach Sangria Recipe, that I highly encourage you go check out HERE!!!

It makes multiple servings and calls for only six ingredients, making it quick and easy to make! If I haven’t convinced you to go check out the recipe yet, I’ll just let you know it uses Hiram Walker Peach Schnapps, which is a personal favorite of mine when mixing up summer concoctions!



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National Martini Day!!!

A refreshing Hiram Walker Watermelon Martini – a modern Martini perfect for summer

Happy National Martini Day everybody! The Martini, traditionally served with just Gin and Vermouth in its earliest days, has transformed into a drink with an endless variety of flavors and spirits.  Adding ‘tini’ to the end of flavors and drink names has become a common occurrence, Pometinis, Appletinis, Mangotinis, the list goes on and on. Today is a day to recognize and celebrate (and drink!) the Martini any way your heart desires! I’ve included below a classic Gin Martini for those who appreciate the traditional way to enjoy the cocktail, as well as a fruity flavored Martini, and a Chocolaty Martini recipe for those looking to try something more modern!

The Plymouth Original:

  • 2 Parts Plymouth Gin
  • Splash of Dry Vermouth
  • 2 Drops of Orange Bitters

In a mixing glass filled with ice, pour the dry Vermouth and stir, making sure that the ice is coated. Strain off the excess Vermouth and add Plymouth Gin and the Orange Bitters. Stir until extremely chilled and strain into glass.

Watermelon Martini:

  • 1 1/2 parts ABSOLUT® Vodka
  • 1 part Hiram Walker® Watermelon Schnapps
  • 2 parts Cranberry Juice
  • 1 splash Pineapple Juice

Shake with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

Chocolate Martini:

  • ¾ part Hiram Walker® Crème de Cacao White
  • ¾ part ABSOLUT® Vodka
  • Splash of Coffee

Shake, strain into a chilled martini glass.

No matter how you choose to drink your Martinis I hope you all enjoy! Have a great National Martini Day, and if you can’t get enough of Martinis, and really want to go all out this holiday, check out more recipes HERE!


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Friday’s Feature Cocktail: Peach Tea

refreshing Peach Tea- perfect for tailgating or summer picnics

Welcome to another edition of Friday’s Feature Cocktail! Congratulations on making it through another week! I am especially excited for this Friday because after work I will be heading to a concert, which is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. It’s hard to beat great, live music on a warm summer night, with good friends around enjoying it with you.

Since I will be seeing some southern bands tonight (I love me some Country!) I thought it would be appropriate to make some Peach Tea cocktails to sip on before the show! The peach flavor and lemon juice provide the perfect amount of sweetness, and the quick and easy recipe makes it a great tailgating alternative to beer:

Peach Tea

Add all ingredients to a Collins glass over ice. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

Since it is also Father’s Day Weekend, I’m sure a number of you will be out golfing, fishing, or hanging with your dads grilling or watching sports (did I cover all the clichés?) and this Peach Tea would be a great addition to any of those plans!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there 🙂


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Snappy Gourmet’s Peach & Honey Sangria Slushies

Photo Courtesy of

Recently I was looking around on Hiram Walker’s Facebook page when I came across a delicious looking recipe for Peach & Honey Sangria Slushies, posted by Snappy Gourmet. These slushies called out to me as the perfect summer, frozen treat and I felt it necessary to pass along her tasty recipe, which uses both frozen peaches and Hiram Walker Peach Schnapps, with all of you!

As I went to check out these slushies, I spotted another delicious looking cocktail on her website, the Watermelon Poptini. While this drink looked great as is, I couldn’t help but notice that the addition of Hiram Walker Watermelon Schnapps would make it even better! Check out the recipe HERE and try this cocktail with the addition of a ¼ cup of HW Watermelon!

Thank you again to Snappy Gourmet for this peachy recipe, and be sure to check out more of her recipes at



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Friday’s Feature Cocktail: Rum Runner

TGIF everybody! I don’t know about you, but after a shortened week last week, this week seemed to feel longer than usual. After a long week at work there is nothing I look forward to more than a nice Friday cocktail, and this week our Friday Feature Cocktail is a Rum Runner. Drinking rum drinks brings me back to vacations in Jamaica and the Caribbean, and that is exactly where I’ll be going in my mind as I enjoy the warming weather, with my sweet and tropical tasting Rum Runner in hand.

Tropical Rum Runner

Rum Runner

  • 2 parts Malibu® Tropical Banana
  • 1 part Hiram Walker® Blackberry Flavored Brandy
  • 2 parts Orange Juice
  • 2 parts Pineapple Juice
  • 1 part Cranberry Juice

Serve over ice in a tall glass, garnish with fruit.

If any of you have been lucky enough to get your hands on a bottle of the new Malibu® Red (delicious Malibu coconut rum with tequila) try substituting that in for the Malibu® Tropical Banana and let us know what you think!

It is recommended that while enjoying this beverage you are outside, listening to tropical music (Jimmy Buffet anyone?) and preferably, are in the company of good friends.

Happy weekend!


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“Crab cakes and football”…and Crushes

A lovely view of the Baltimore Inner Harbor from Federal Hill

Last weekend I was visiting a place very near and dear to my heart, my old college city, Baltimore, MD. If anyone has ever seen the movie “Wedding Crashers”, then I’m sure you’re familiar with the quote, “Crab cakes and football! That’s what Maryland does!” While I have discovered this to be extremely accurate, I’ve also noticed that there is another thing Maryland loves: Crushes.

Now I’m not talking about a school girl crush here; I’m talking about the deliciously refreshing, perfect for summer beverage (insert corny joke about having a crush on the crush here). It seemed as though everywhere I ventured the drink menus included a crush of some flavor and even the outdoor concert venue I went to was serving orange crushes with fresh squeezed OJ!

The crush is easy to make, and works as a great addition to the list of summer favorites like Margaritas and Daiquiris.

The Orange Crush

  • 1 part Absolut Mandarin
  • 1 part Hiram Walker Triple Sec
  • 1 part Fresh squeezed Orange Juice
  • Splash of Lemon-Lime Soda
  • Orange slice garnish

Mix all ingredients, except for lemon-lime soda, in a shaker with ice. Strain the beverage over crushed ice and top with soda. Garnish with an orange slice.

The Orange Crush is the basic flavor, but don’t be afraid to get creative with your crushes! Happy summer sipping everyone!


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Friday’s Feature Cocktail – Peach Cran Cosmo

A round of Peach Cran Cosmos, featuring a collection of ABSOLUT and Hiram Walker products.

Happy Friday and Happy June, Cocktail Culture readers! Even having been a shortened week, I’m still itching for the weekend and the chance to mix up my next cocktail. Here’s what’s on the drink menu: Happy Hour and cocktail inspiration struck yesterday afternoon and I developed this Peach Cran Cosmopolitan that I’m anxious to share with you.

Peach Cran Cosmo: Created by Stephanie Jerzy

  • 1 part ABSOLUT Vodka
  • 3/4 part Hiram Walker Peach Schnapps
  • 1/2 part Hiram Walker Triple Sec
  • 1/4 part fresh lime juice
  • 1 part cranberry juice

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

It’s a very simple twist on the traditional Cosmopolitan recipe (1.5 parts Citrus Vodka, 3/4 part Triple Sec, 1/4 part lime, 1 part cranberry) and I think I could perhaps even modify this recipe to make it a bit simpler. I’d be open to trying this without the Triple Sec and adding in an extra 1/4 or 1/2 part of vodka to give the drink a little more zing. However, my coworkers and I did enjoy the balance of sweet and tart that this ratio offered.

What are you itching to sip on this weekend? As always, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

Cheers to a great weekend!

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