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Kahlua’s Featured Brunch Cocktail: Black Paloma

"Black Paloma" cocktail from Rick Stutz, as prepared by Meaghan Dorman of The Raines Law Room, NYC.

The time has come to finally reveal the drink Kahlúa has selected to feature at Tales of the Cocktail. It’s Kaiser Penguin himself, Rick Stutz, and his exciting “Black Paloma” cocktail!

In case you haven’t been following along at home, Kahlúa coffee liqueur offered up a challenge to participants in the Cocktail and Spirits Online Writers Group (CSOWG.org) online chat room event – The Mixoloseum – to create a Kahlúa Brunch Drink perfect for the industry’s premier cocktail festival that starts up July 21 in New Orleans. Then we let loose Head Bartender and 2010 Tales Apprentice Meaghan Dorman of NYC’s The Raines Law Room to stir up the beverages for our thirsty judges. A panel of beverage industry and marketing professionals together selected Stutz’s “Black Paloma” from a group of finalists, many of which I featured here, here, here, oh, and here.

Kahlúa, the world’s number one coffee liqueur, will be serving delicious java and Kahlúa concoctions daily from 8:30 – 10:30 am at the Tales of the Cocktail Kahlúa Coffee Bar in NOLA. Along with an assortment of hot and iced brews, Stutz’s “Black Paloma” recipe will be stirred up by bartenders from many notable New Orleans hot spots.

“Rick’s drink stood out to us for its exciting fusion of citrus and tequila, and because the Kahlúa shined through so beautifully. Also, we thought it would pair well with classic brunch foods,” said Kahlúa Senior Brand Manager Michelle Sanders, “On our recent trips to Veracruz, Mexico, where Kahlúa has its deeply-rooted history, we’ve found that Kahlúa is often paired with fresh lime juice. It’s something you wouldn’t expect, but it’s phenomenal, and speaks to the drink’s versatility.  Rick’s ‘Black Paloma’ recipe perfectly captured that very same essence.”

Black Paloma By Rick Stutz:

Black Paloma, By Rick Stutz

1.5 parts blanco tequila
1.5 parts Kahlúa®
.75 part Fresh Lime Juice
.5 part Fresh Grapefruit Juice
Pinch Salt
Top with Club Soda
Glass: Collins
Method: Fill the glass with ice and add the tequila, Kahlúa, salt, and juices. Top it off with club soda.

Congratulations to Rick for his phenomenal Kahlúa Brunch Drink recipe. We can’t wait to start each day with a Black Paloma at Tales! And many thanks to Meaghan and Kyle of Raines Law Room for stirring up all of our delicious finalists.



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San Juan for the Holidays?

This cocktail, courtesy of Kaiser Penguin’s own Rick Stutz was one of many served-up at September’s Kahlua Coffee Cream sponsored Thursday Drink Night. I really enjoyed the cocktail then, and revisited it recently. I think it’s even better now that there’s a chill in the air, so add it to your list for Holiday cocktails. Just four ingredients! You can do it!

San Juan by Rick Stutz

1 ½ oz. Rye

1 oz. Kahlua Coffee Cream

1 tsp. Cinnamon Syrup

1 dash Angostura Bitters

Stir with ice and strain into a chilled coupe.

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Rick Stutz and the Shopshire Sling

shropshire_sling5This post is a part of a series that will profile participants in the Hiram Walker Gingerbread Cocktail Competition and their drink entries. The winner of the contest will be announced the week of Thanksgiving.


Rick Stutz is the mind behind Kaiser Penguin, a popular cocktail blog that’s especially interactive. Rick serves up some great cocktails over there with fantastic photos, impressive garnishes and questions for his readers. His posts on KP and the Mixoloseum Blog spark some pretty interesting cocktail convos (check out either site for his weekly Thursday Drink Night wrap-ups).


For the Hiram Walker Gingerbread Cocktail Competition, Rick did his homework. Not only did he create a unique cocktail with seasonal ingredients, he did a little research to properly name the libation. According to Rick, Shropshire, England is said to be the birthplace of gingerbread, hence the Shropshire Sling.


Shropshire Sling by Rick Stutz:


1 oz. Hiram Walker Gingerbread Liqueur

1 oz. Port

1 oz. blood orange juice

1 dash Angostura bitters

Club soda, to top

Blood orange peel and cinnamon stick, for garnish


Shake with cracked ice and pour into an appropriate vessel. Top with club soda and garnish.


Here’s what Rick had to say about his drink…


“Port is often served with gingerbread cookies, so I thought it the perfect accompaniment. Since both components are sweet, I wanted to add a bit of tartness, so that’s where the now in-season blood orange came in, and a bit more spice in the form of bitters.”


I love the fact that Rick used blood orange juice here and I’m interested to try it with the Gingerbread. I just got a bottle of Port too, so you can bet I’ll be serving this one up at my holiday parties! Thanks Rick!

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