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Happy Birthday John Jameson!

Today is the birthday of John Jameson, the legendary man behind the world-recognized Irish Whiskey of the same name.

By now, most of us are familiar with a variety of creative shots for toasting with Jameson – there’s the Pickleback, Car Bomb, Grand Slam, or the whiskey can be simply chilled on its own.

So what better way to celebrate Mr. Jameson himself than with a creative new shot using Jameson’s beloved whiskey – perhaps something sweet to go with some birthday cheer! Here’s a sweet drink to serve as a shooter:

Peach Toast:

Pour into shot glasses and serve each with a lime wedge. (Serves 2-3, depending on size of shot glass)

In further celebration, a new national TV campaign launches today that tells another tale in the series of legendary stories of John Jameson. Titled “The Hawk of Achill” – and inspired by the Celtic myth of the same name – you can discover more of Achill and John Jameson by clicking here. Also, below is the TV spot that you’ll find airing today:



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