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Friday Feature Cocktail: Whipped Russian

Every once in a while Friday rolls around and there is nothing I look forward to more than a night of doing absolutely nothing. Today is one of those Friday’s, and I have decided that a Whipped Russian is going to be my cocktail of choice tonight. This sweet twist on the White Russian is the perfect drink to accompany me as I cozy up under a blanket on the couch, where I’ll most likely spend my night watching my DVDs of Friday Night Lights.

Hiram Walker’s sweet twist on the White Russian using Hiram Walker Whipped Liqueur.

Whipped Russian

Shake well with ice.  Strain over crushed ice and serve

The coffee flavor of the Kahlua and cream, spiked with the sweetness of Hiram Walker Whipped Liqueur provides a delicious combination of flavor for a crisp autumn night. The Whipped Russian is also a tasty treat after dinner if you prefer liquid desserts like I do!!

Also, a reminder to those interested in winning an iPad, there are still a few days left to submit your photos of Hiram Walker Whipped to the ‘Whip Things Up!’ Contest! All photos must be submitted by October 31, so this weekend is a great opportunity to have some fun whipping up your best photos! Check out more information HERE or HERE!

Enjoy 🙂



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National Liqueur Day!!!

To start off, I need to give a quick shout out to my friends at A History of Drinking  for reminding me of this very special day, National Liqueur Day!!!  I am very excited about this holiday (that I nearly missed!) because Hiram Walker has one of the broadest portfolios of liqueurs, schnapps and flavored brandies in the world, and they’re made from all natural ingredients! Today I will be celebrating Liqueur Day with none other than Hiram Walker Liqueur, and I hope you choose to do the same!

Hiram Walker Whipped Celebrating National Liqueur Day!
Photo courtesy of Hiram Walker’s Facebook Page www.Facebook.com/HiramWalkerUSA

For a day like today, Hiram Walker’s newest liqueur, Hiram Walker Whipped, seems like the perfect sweet liqueur to make a celebratory, dessert-like cocktail with. I have decided that I’ll be mixing up Hungry Goddess’s Birthday Cake Martini, because what’s a good celebration without cake? You can find her amazing recipe HERE, and I promise once you see the photo of this cocktail you won’t be able resist!

If you’re in the mood for something a little less sweet than the Birthday Cake Martini, but still want to celebrate National Liqueur Day with Hiram Walker, then I recommend trying out A History of Drinking’s own Liqueur Day creation, The “Whipped” Mule!

I hope you all have a wonderful National Liqueur Day 🙂


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