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Newest Member of the C.C. Team

Island Breeze: with Hiram Walker and Malibu

Hi everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby weekend and that you’ve all fully recovered!  My name is Kayla, and as the newest member of the Cocktail Culture team, I’m writing this post to introduce myself and fill you in on some fun facts I think you all should know about me.

Fact number 1: I love the beach. Nothing says “perfect day” like a warm, sunny day by the ocean, preferably with a cool drink in hand (just please keep the jellyfish out of the picture, I’m irrationally afraid of them).

Fact number 2: While this makes me disliked by half of CT, I admit I am a big fan of the NY Yankees and the NY Giants (if any of you are unfamiliar they’re that football team that just won the Super Bowl).  For any Red Sox and Patriots fans we have reading, I promise to keep my posts about either team to an absolute minimum!

Fact number 3: I have been a New Englander my whole life, but I have a weird dream of moving to Nashville. Unfortunately, it’s not because I’m an aspiring country singer, I actually have a terrible singing voice that doesn’t even sound good in the shower (yes, it really is that bad).

So now that we have that out of the way I’d like to make Stephanie proud and share with you a delicious cocktail recipe.  I know it isn’t summer just yet, but all that talk about the beach has put me in the mood for a nice Island Breeze.

Island Breeze

Shake and serve over ice.

Hope you all enjoy and I look forward to getting to know you!


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