Dessert Cocktails for Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and I could not be happier. After a VERY snowy winter, and a spring that has left much to be desired, I am embracing the summer season with open arms. Memorial Day is the beginning of BBQ season and outdoor drinking, and I love to explore new recipes to share with family and friends during the holiday weekend.

One way to impress guests is by adding new products to old favorites. Sangrias and Punches are a good place to add in unexpected flavors such as Mama Walker’s new breakfast flavored liqueurs, including Blueberry Pancake or Maple Bacon.

Another way to get your friends and family excited about your cocktail offerings is to mix them into the dessert menu, because who doesn’t love dessert?

Malibu has recently released Malibu Sundae and Malibu Swirl, two dessert-flavored offerings that are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth after the hot dogs, hamburgers and salads! According to the company release, “Malibu Sundae combines the brand’s signature coconut taste with the tempting flavor of chocolate ice cream while Malibu Swirl pairs the flavor of coconut with the delightful taste of strawberries and cream.” Find out more about Malibu’s new offerings at:

Another refreshing and sweet dessert cocktail is the adult spin on the summer favorite orange cream popsicle: The Whippsicle

Shake Hiram Walker Whipped Cream Liqueur and Vodka with ice. Strain into tall glass over ice. Top with club soda. Garnish with orange wheel.



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