National Liqueur Day!!!

To start off, I need to give a quick shout out to my friends at A History of Drinking  for reminding me of this very special day, National Liqueur Day!!!  I am very excited about this holiday (that I nearly missed!) because Hiram Walker has one of the broadest portfolios of liqueurs, schnapps and flavored brandies in the world, and they’re made from all natural ingredients! Today I will be celebrating Liqueur Day with none other than Hiram Walker Liqueur, and I hope you choose to do the same!

Hiram Walker Whipped Celebrating National Liqueur Day!
Photo courtesy of Hiram Walker’s Facebook Page

For a day like today, Hiram Walker’s newest liqueur, Hiram Walker Whipped, seems like the perfect sweet liqueur to make a celebratory, dessert-like cocktail with. I have decided that I’ll be mixing up Hungry Goddess’s Birthday Cake Martini, because what’s a good celebration without cake? You can find her amazing recipe HERE, and I promise once you see the photo of this cocktail you won’t be able resist!

If you’re in the mood for something a little less sweet than the Birthday Cake Martini, but still want to celebrate National Liqueur Day with Hiram Walker, then I recommend trying out A History of Drinking’s own Liqueur Day creation, The “Whipped” Mule!

I hope you all have a wonderful National Liqueur Day 🙂


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