Boston Cocktail Summit: On the Town with Dale DeGroff

Dale DeGroff singing for the room

The final event I attended at the Boston Cocktail Summit was “On the Town with Dale DeGroff”. While I wish there was a way for me to share with you all of the highlights of the show, I don’t think my words will be able to do the event justice. Pernod Ricard, who sponsored this event, did a wonderful job picking a venue with the perfect atmosphere for such a personal show. The colorful stories that DeGroff shared of American culture during the time of prohibition and speakeasies, post prohibition times when jazz bands would play 30 minutes on 30 minutes off until 4 am, up to modern times, were all so entertaining and informative. His stories were accompanied by songs and music, as well as photos (and of course cocktails!), which really bought the feeling of each era to life.

The cocktails were all great, and as I mentioned, were a strategic accessory in bringing the room back in time.  While I unfortunately did not get any recipes as I did at the Vermouth event, I know that Jameson and Pernod Absinthe were included in the mix (my detective skills noticed the bottles on display) and of course the distinct licorice taste of Pernod Absinthe was easily detectable in the second cocktail.

It was a great opportunity for me to hear such a well respected mixologist share his own personal accounts and adventures, and if anyone ever has the opportunity to see this show themselves, I HIGHLY recommend it!

our delicious cocktail varieties

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