Friday Feature Cocktail: Pumpkin Eater

Everywhere I look pumpkin flavored drinks are taking over, whether it’s coffee or beer it seems as though summer drinks are out and fall drinks have moved in. I suppose that is another thing I will admit I love about the fall, I am a pumpkin fanatic (especially when it comes to my grandma’s pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, they are the best cookies around!)  So after waking up with my first pumpkin coffee of the season and enjoying my first pumpkin ale, I am slowly getting into the spirit of fall (although I’m sure I will go back to being bitter about it the first day the weather drops below 750)

In my attempt to embrace the fall instead of shunning it, today’s Friday Feature Cocktail is a Pumpkin Eater!

Not the prettiest cocktail, but the taste of Hiram Walker Pumpkin Spice makes up for it!

Pumpkin Eater

Fill glass with ice. Pour ingredients as listed. Garnish and serve.

Even though the leaves are not falling, and the temperatures are still hot and sticky, I hope you enjoy the beginning of pumpkin season everyone 🙂


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