Go Big Blue: Blue Curacao Margarita!

So now that September is upon us, and summer is sadly fading away, there is one thing I will admit that I love about September, and that is Football Season! As a big fan of the New York Giants I could not be more excited for 8:30 pm! Tonight I will put on my lucky Giants shirt for the first time since that glorious Sunday in February and I will drink booze out of my lucky Giants coffee mug (for those of you who don’t know me I’m just a little bit superstitious! )Now you may be wondering what I will be drinking out of said lucky Giants mug, but the truth is there is no lucky cocktail or beverage, so the contents of my mug have the flexibility to change frequently between coffee (rarely), beer, wine and cocktails.

Tonight I will be mixing up a Blue Curacao Margarita as I cheer on Big Blue (adding blue food coloring to my beer did cross mind, but this seemed like a tastier option while it’s still warm outside)!

The Go Big Blue, Blue Curacao Margarita


Shake with ice. Strain into glass lucky giants mug.

I wish you all a very happy football season, no matter who your team is!



P.S. Stephanie I hope you enjoy this cocktail 😉

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