TOTC: Cocktail Culture’s B-day Bash!

Cocktail Culture celebrating b-days with Hiram Walker Whipped

While in New Orleans, Steph and I thought it the perfect time to celebrate our birthdays that just so happened to book end Tales of the Cocktail this year (My birthday is July 22 and Steph’s birthday,  just one week later,  is July 29). As we sat and planned what we thought would be the most appropriate way to celebrate such an exciting occasion, we both knew that cocktails had to be involved (big surprise there). Being big advocates of birthday desserts, we decided to whip up some cocktails using Hiram Walker’s newest liqueur, Hiram Walker Whipped (did everyone catch my pun?).

Cocktail Culture with Greg of A History of Drinking, toasting with CosmoWHIPolitans and Whippsicles

We met up at Le Booze at the Royal Sonesta Hotel (wearing homemade neon b-day shirts) on the Friday night during  Tales, and sampled two of the delicious recipes that are featured on the Whipped bottle and the bottle’s necker. We indulged in CosmoWHIPolitans and Whippsicles (the Whippsicle tasted just like an orange creamsicle!) in the company of some of our good friends in the cocktail community, including Greg of A History of Drinking and Kara of Tipple Sheet (Sorry we missed each other, Drink of the Week!)

Recipe featured on the bottle necker, yum!

Hiram Walker Whipped provided a great way to create a fun new take on a classic cocktail as well as the perfect ingredient for creating new sweet and boozy creations. We both had such a great time celebrating and we appreciate everyone who was able to join us for a Hiram Walker Whipped birthday drink 🙂

Our awesome birthday shirts!


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