TOTC: ABSOLUT Welcome Reception!

Wednesday afternoon was my first day in New Orleans for Tales of The Cocktail, and my trip began with an incredible welcome reception sponsored by Absolut Vodka, held at the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center. Walking into my first official Tales event, I was extremely excited after hearing Stephanie share stories of parties from Tales past, but I was unsure what to expect. I can tell you that even though I have a large imagination, never did I think I would be walking into a room where it was snowing.

Hard at work with the nitro

Guests stepped out of the heat and humidity of New Orleans in July and into a Swedish winter wonderland where the cocktail selections seemed endless. There were various wooden sheds constructed throughout the event where guests could grab a variety of delicious cocktails, as well as take a break from the snow (some sort of foam water concoction I was told).  One of the highly visited rooms at the event had an ‘Absolut Future’ theme and was using liquid nitrogen to serve up Skane Julep Shots.  And, because all great parties need great music, there was a DJ on stage playing some party classics (don’t worry, “Play That Funky Music” was included!)

Skane Julep Shot

  • ABSOLUT Vodka
  • Nitro muddled w/ caraway & mint
  • Simple Syrup

Another great drink we tried out at this event was a Lemongrass Collins

  • Lemongrass infused ABSOLUT Vodka
  • Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Simple Syrup
  • Club Soda

While nothing can truly capture the atmosphere of the event, below are some photos in case you weren’t able to join us in New Orleans (or if you were there and you need a refresher since your entire week seemed to blur together 😉 )

A glimpse of the snow and one of the rooms when first entering the event

Stephanie enjoying a cocktail

DJ on stage

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