Snappy Gourmet’s Peach & Honey Sangria Slushies

Photo Courtesy of

Recently I was looking around on Hiram Walker’s Facebook page when I came across a delicious looking recipe for Peach & Honey Sangria Slushies, posted by Snappy Gourmet. These slushies called out to me as the perfect summer, frozen treat and I felt it necessary to pass along her tasty recipe, which uses both frozen peaches and Hiram Walker Peach Schnapps, with all of you!

As I went to check out these slushies, I spotted another delicious looking cocktail on her website, the Watermelon Poptini. While this drink looked great as is, I couldn’t help but notice that the addition of Hiram Walker Watermelon Schnapps would make it even better! Check out the recipe HERE and try this cocktail with the addition of a ¼ cup of HW Watermelon!

Thank you again to Snappy Gourmet for this peachy recipe, and be sure to check out more of her recipes at



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