Happy Licorice Day!

Hello Cocktail Culture fans and sorry for the absence early on this month. But I’m back with a great assortment of cocktail recipes to help celebrate National Licorice Day today. Hiram Walker produces two tremendous products that will give you the licorice flavor you may be craving today, both Sambuca and Anisette. Hiram Walker carefully selects and imports the aniseed for both of these bar essentials, providing a clean and delicious licorice flavor from sip to swallow.

If you’re looking for a great cocktail recipe in which to use either of these products, A History of Drinking today features The Black Cat, a layered shot of Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, Hiram Walker Anisette and Tequila. On Cocktail Culture, I offer up the Sol y Sombra. Served in a brandy glass (sometimes referred to as snifters), this beverage offers an elegant approach to serving up anise-flavored spirits. Here’s the recipe:

Sol y Sombra

Combine ingredients, chill and serve in a brandy glass (snifter).

Cheers and enjoy celebrating Licorice Day!

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