Cookies and Cocktails

My spin at making CocktailHacker's recipe for the Spiced Cider Old Fashioned

Happy New Year, Cocktail Culture fans! Another holiday season has come and gone, and with that, so did the annual Cookie Decorating Party, hosted by my good friend, Tiffany. My Cookie Party duties included bringing something boozy (as seems to be habit), and this year I was given a special assignment – bring other ingredients to mix an assortment of Applejack cocktails.

I showed up with booze bag in tow, ready to make two delicious Applejack cocktails. First, we went for the Jack Rose cocktail. Here’s the ratio I went with, as from my copy of the Cocktail Handbook.

Jack Rose:
2 ounces applejack
3/4 ounce lemon juice
1/2 ounce grenadine

Secondly, the other drink I chose to serve up for party guests was Cocktail Hacker’s inspiring recipe for the Spiced Cider Old Fashioned (I suggest you mosey over to his site to view the recipe for yourself). The verdict on this drink using Hiram Walker Caramel Apple Liqueur was one that was sweet, inviting, and reminiscent of mulled cider – perfect for a chilly winter evening while baking cookies.

Even if the holidays have left us for another year, both this drink and the Jack Rose definitely fit the bill as one for year-round entertaining. So put that Applejack to use and get mixing!


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  1. Glad you liked the cocktail!


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