Holiday Cocktail Planning

‘Tis the Season!

Not sure when it sneaked up, but we’re in the home stretch of 2011. I suppose I should start to figure out my New Years plans. Contrarily, I also don’t know when or how my December calendar got so entirely booked with various holiday gatherings leading up to Dec. 31, though I’m certainly not complaining!

As a guest most gracious for the invites, it’s time to come up with a gift for the party hosts and hostesses. And, in my personal opinion, I think it’s far more fun to show up with a few ingredients to make a festive cocktail rather than any ol’ stocking stuffer.

Below are some fun and festive cocktail suggestions for your upcoming holiday parties, that won’t break the bank either.  The Hiram Walker Original Cinn and Caramel Apple liqueurs will run you about $10 each for a 750ml, while you can also find a quality Applejack, Dark Rum and Spiced Rum in the under $20 price range.

  • The team at My Cocktail Connection featured the Cinnful Sparkler in their fall issue of ZEST Digital Magazine.  The sparkling cider to finish off this cocktail really gives it an elegant and festive holiday feel.
  • The Cocktail Hacker himself gives the Old Fashioned a new twist with the Spiced Cider Old Fashioned, a drink that imbues many winter-warming properties: Applejack, Caramel Apple and Barrel Aged Bitters.

Enjoy giving these two drinks a taste over the next few weeks – they should fit in nicely for the spirited season!



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2 responses to “Holiday Cocktail Planning

  1. “Tis the season for cocktail parties. We are having one this weekend and another the following weekend. My home is starting to look like a banquet catering hall at the moment getting ready.

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