Three Ingredient Cocktails

A cool Cherry Libre is a great three-ingredient cocktail for easy making during the warm summer months.

The New York Times recently published a fantastic interactive guide to summer cocktails. What was the theme with this slideshow of mouth-watering tipples? All the cocktails, provided by bartenders from across the country, all contain three or fewer ingredients (visit the web page to see more about their rules and exceptions).

The premise is so simple, and one I have qualified before on this blog – you do not need a lot of ingredients and complex recipes in order to make a great tasting cocktail.

The classic Cuba Libre highball, of which the featured “Italia Libera” cocktail from bartender Chaim Dauermann is based off,  is a recipe made for easy tweaking. For instance, let’s offer up another variant that capitalizes on a great fruit flavor associated with summer, the Cherry Libre.

Cherry Libre

Squeeze lime juice directly into a Collins glass. Drop rind in glass; fill with ice and other ingredients. 

The combination of all natural Kirsch cherries and lime juice offer a tart bite to this cola-filled cocktail. Can’t you just envision yourself drinking one outdoors on a hot summer day?

What’s your favorite class three ingredient cocktail? And what ingredients could/have you swapped, just like the Cherry Libre or Italia Libera, to make it a more original drink?


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