Friday’s Feature Cocktail – Cinn & Pom Iced Tea

I’m on top of my game! For two weeks in a row I’ve got back-to-back Friday’s Feature Cocktail posts. It also appears that I’ve got back-to-back fabulous Iced Tea recipes. I wish I could say that I had planned for this Iced Tea duo, but fate (and Iced Tea Day) would rather have acted on its own.

A refreshing follow up to last week’s Peach Iced Tea is this crisp Cinn & Pom Iced Tea. Featuring the delicious combination of freshly brewed green tea, pomegranate juice and Hiram Walker’s Original Cinn cinnamon schnapps (direct off earning a Silver Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition), this drink blends together some of the best flavors of both summer and autumn. Here’s the recipe:

Cinn & Pom Iced Tea

Brew tea a package indicates. Chill tea and build in a Collins glass over ice.

Enjoy this Iced Tea recipe all month long or, conversely, make this drink in a coffee mug and serve warm with your freshly brewed hot tea.


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