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My Cinco de Mayo Menu

My margaritas at home. Oh yes, there will be plenty more of you come Thursday. Just you wait, my sweet...

For those of you who have been following Cocktail Culture for a while now have likely already seen pictures of The Dirty Bird, the 10-foot bar that resides inside my apartment. Come Thursday, it will be overtaken with friends celebrating Cinco de Mayo, with me leading the shift behind the bar.

In the hopes of keeping my drink-slinging simple, my ingredient list minimal and my tab at the liquor store budget-friendly, I’ve come up with the following collection of drinks that I think my group of friends will enjoy. I’m leaving the rest of the fiesta’s food and cerveza offerings up to my guests to bring on by.

Tequila Sunrise and Sunset: 

Both of these simple highball drinks call for 1 to 2 parts of tequila built with up to 4 parts of Orange Juice in a highball glass with ice cubes. What sets them apart? To have a sunrise, slowly add 3/4 part of Grenadine down the side of the highball or Collins glass. For a beautiful Tequila Sunset, I will be topping my tequila and OJ combo with 1/2 to 3/4 part of Hiram Walker Blackberry Brandy and a cherry garnish.

Classic Margarita: 

I’ve posted my at-home recipe of the Margarita before so won’t try to bore you with the same ol’ all over again. Let’s just say that my bottles of Olmeca Altos tequila (it’s in a limited number of markets now, but a great find if you can get your hands on it!) and Hiram Walker Triple Sec are sitting on the counter waiting for me. Now I just got to squeeze a bunch of lime juice tomorrow night to prep…


As if that won’t be a resounding amount of booze already, I’m thinking that, so long as we continue to use tequila for the base spirit in this recipe, that this would make for a very fitting nightcap.  Oh yes friends, it’s on.

Wishing you all a fun and festive Cinco de Mayo manana!

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Raspberry Tart Cocktail

There’s a Hiram cocktail to fit every occasion and today is no exception to the rule.

A perfectly balanced and slightly puckering drink is the Raspberry Tart Cocktail, a drink to usher in what finally appears to be spring weather. The combination of light ingredients in a simple-to-remember equal parts ratio makes this an easy go-drink for light weekend (or weeknight, take your pick!) drinking.

Raspberry Tart Cocktail:

Shake and strain into a cocktail glass; garnish with a lemon peel.

I may find myself tinkering around with this recipe myself this afternoon to see about adding, not subtracting, to this slightly tart recipe by muddling in some raspberries I picked up at the store just recently. I’ll be sure to update with any pictures of a new recipe development I come across.

Until then, cheers!

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