Friday’s Feature Cocktail: Georgia Mint Julep

Grab the tin cups!

Perfectly timed to overlap the holiday weekend in the US, this coming

A classic sterling silver julep cup, waiting to be filled! What goes into your perfect Mint Julep recipe?

Monday happens to be National Mint Julep Day! It’s a perfect drink to be enjoyed outdoors in a festive summer atmosphere, complete with good food and good company.

I’m changing things up slightly from the original recipe, but this is would have to be my pick to celebrate this weekend in perfect fashion.

Georgia Mint Julep:

Place mint and simple syrup in a julep cup and muddle. Add other ingredients, fill with crushed ice and stir until the glass is frosted. Add more crushed ice and float a little Peach Brandy on top. Garnish with fresh mint.

What is your go-to Mint Julep recipe? What little variations make your version memorable and unique? I’d love to hear all the nuances of making the perfect Mint Julep! Feel free to leave me a comment or you can always email as well, from the About page.

Have a memorable Memorial Day weekend!


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3 responses to “Friday’s Feature Cocktail: Georgia Mint Julep

  1. You remind me I really need to get some Sterling silver julep cups!

    This looks like a good julep recipe, too. I just fiddled with this for MxMo, too. I’ve settled on rye and a rum like Pusser’s, with a splash of orange flower water.

    I think I use more mint that you do, too. But specifying an amount of mint in a recipe is such a pain. What is, and how big is a “sprig”? Ditto for a “leaf”.

    • cocktailculture

      Doug, I do remember your MxMo Mint Julep looked beauuuutiful! I’ll have to remind myself to come back to your recipe for the next julep go-around 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reminder, just one more thing to look forward to while enjoying the holiday!


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