The $100 bar revisited

It’s the inevitable time of year that finds Americans scrambling to the post office to file their annual tax reports. If you find yourself among the fortunate bunch who have/will receive a refund this year, well, you’re in luck!

Rather than using that refund to splurge on one expensive bottle of booze, why not take Matt of A Jigger of Blog‘s advice and stock your entire bar for $100? Sourcing out products where quality can be found with a reasonable price tag to boot, Matt stocks his bar for $100 and has a slate of cocktails that can be made from the combination of ingredients.

Among those products featured (I’ll encourage you to visit his post to read the entire list) is Hiram Walker’s Triple Sec.

Used in many a popular cocktail recipe, such as the Cosmo, Sidecar and Margarita, among others,  I know I go through Triple Sec rather quickly at my home bar. As my go-to Orange Liqueur, I was excited to see Matt’s inclusion of the triple sec that makes for a great substitute of the more expensive Cointreau ($7 for Hiram Walker versus $30+ for Cointreau). So today’s questions are: What are the other affordable spirit products that you keep stocked at your home bar? Expanding our interests a bit: What’s your favorite $15 or under bottle of wine?

It definitely is possible to use less expensive ingredients to make a great tasting cocktail. Here’s some other posts from bloggers who have shared similar viewpoints.


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