What’s Hot – HotMixology

It’s Monday, which means a new episode of HotMixology hits the television airwaves starting tonight. Hiram Walker will be along for the ride in every episode this season, having been named the exclusive cordial of the aforementioned national broadcast TV show.

Each week, HotMixology host Dave Elger and a team of mixologists bring television and online viewers to the HotMixology bar to prepare innovative and flavor-bursting cocktails in a high energy atmosphere. Each episode has a distinctive theme dedicated to current trends and holidays, such as this week’s featured theme: Spring Vacation 2011 HotMixology Style.

The new episode is not up on the web (yet!) but you can view the show when it airs on the Fox Business Network three times weekly (Monday 1:30 am EST/10:30 pm PST, Tuesday 1:30 am EST/10:30 pm EST, and Thursday 4:30 am/1:30 am PST).

To see archived episodes with tons of recipes to try at home, such as the Illegal Manhattan (a combination Illegal Mezcal, Love Potion No. 9, and Hiram Walker Cherry Brandy – as created by Aaron Seel in the “Good Times and Great Oldies” episode), check out hotmixology.com.


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