While yesterday was a National (read: Bank) Holiday, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t far more interested in celebrating today’s special engagement – National Margarita Day. Perhaps I should have traded around my day off this week? Ok, ok, all kidding aside…

The margarita – as a result of its many of its varying forms: frozen, flavored, the works – continues to be the most popular drink ordered in America. Maybe it’s my Southwestern roots, but the margarita is undoubtedly among my most favorite cocktails, too. However, even when the general masses try to get me on the blended margarita bandwagon,  mixing a classic margarita from the recipe below is usually a go-to drink at my own home bar.

So the QotD: What do you consider to be the best margarita recipe? And how do you prepare your favorite variation (rocks, blended, with or without salt)?  I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below or on Twitter.



2  parts blanco or plata 100 % agave tequila
1 part Hiram Walker Triple Sec (my go-to Triple Sec over Cointreau, especially if I’m planning to make drinks for a large group)
3/4 part fresh lime juice
1/4 part (or two bar spoons) agave syrup (Optional, but in my mind, quite a delightful addition)

Combine first three ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled salted cocktail glass. Salting the rim: Frost the edge of the cocktail glass by rubbing a lime wedge on the outside rim of the glass, then dipping it into a saucer of coarse salt. Salt only half the glass if you are being “calorie conscious” “high blood pressure phobic” (as Fred so aptly phrased it in the comments section).


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6 responses to “Mmmmm…Margaritas!

  1. I don’t like my drinks all that sweet so I prefer an equal parts recipe or a 2:1:1 one. No additional sweetner other than orange liqueur. Shaken and strained into a cocktail glass (not offended by the rocks glass with ice but I don’t like my drink diluting and would prefer a warmer drink instead). Half salted rim just so you can control the salt without having to brush away a part with your finger. Although I have been coming around more on the concept of sugared rims (especially if the drink looks like it will be on the tart side) and salt in cocktails (especially with certain amaros like Cynar), but I have yet to seek out a salted rim.

    You should probably edit the “calorie conscious” part to “high blood pressure phobic” though.

    • cocktailculture

      “You should probably edit the “calorie conscious” part to “high blood pressure phobic” though.” – Ha! Far more aptly put, Fred! I will edit the blog post.

      I like the 2:1:1 as well, but sometimes, depending on my mood I think, they can be just a tad too acidic.

  2. Amy

    I love mine with rocks & salt. Fresh lime juice or bust.

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