What I Drank on Thanksgiving

Take a guess at which drink I was shaking up for family and friends on Thanksgiving Day. No going back through my Twitter feed and cheating. Was it…

A) Walker Blackberry Cosmopolitan

B) My original cocktail, Autumn in New England

C) Margarita

The correct answer is “C”. I had about seven very thirsty patrons, not including myself, calling for margaritas during an impromptu cocktail hour at “it’s five o’ clock somewhere” o’ clock in the early afternoon on Thanksgiving Day.

As I’m setting up my “work station”, Mom approaches me with a blender and the following (slightly edited for language) conversation takes place:

“Mom, what’s that for?”


You can imagine my wide-eyed reaction.

“That’s not how you make a margarita.”

“But I like the frozen margaritas.”

“Why don’t I make you my version first and we’ll see if you like it more than your frozen kind?”

Recently, I’ve developed an affinity for the Dale DeGroff Margarita Recipe, as I picked up from a Darcy O’Neil post, but with one minor tweak. Rather than using the simple syrup that DeGroff calls for, I sub in agave nectar instead for a sweet, and, in my opinion, more flavorful margarita. Also, given the heavy volume of margaritas I was stirring up, I opted to use the more wallet-friendly Hiram Walker Triple Sec (read more about the Triple Sec Challenge here) in place of the Cointreau that DeGroff’s recipe suggested. Ok, I guess that’s really two tweaks, huh? Anyways, here’s how they all went down:

Dale Degroff’s Margarita Recipe (with a few SJ twists)
1½ oz Tequila
1 oz Hiram Walker Triple Sec
¾ oz Lime Juice
¼-½ Agave Nectar

Needless to say, the blender’s services were not needed the rest of the day. 😉

Cheers and Happy Thirsty Thursday!

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