What’s Your Liqueur?

Today is National Liqueur Day! To celebrate, why not take your pick of one of the over 30 all natural flavors in the Hiram Walker portfolio of liqueurs, schnapps, and flavored brandies.

Seasonally, I’m today feeling the need for an Apricot Sour cocktail. Here’s the simple recipe you can make at home:

Apricot Sour

Serve over ice, garnish with an orange and cherry flag.

With so many flavor profiles to enhance your back bar, I want to hear from you what your favorite Hiram Walker product is. Leave me a comment and tell me about your favorite Hiram Walker flavor. I’ll tailor a recipe in a blog post next week for every reader comment I receive before Monday at 11:59 pm (EST).

Enjoy celebrating National Liqueur Day! Cheers!


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3 responses to “What’s Your Liqueur?

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  2. I have to admit, I’m not sure I have tried any Hiram Walker liqueurs, I certainly don’t have any at home but I am now feeling inspired to get some. I have always been a huge fan of sours cocktails and the Apricot Sours sounds right up my street!

    • cocktailculture

      Hi Cocktail Crush,

      Thanks for the comment. If you’re planning a trip over to the states, you can visit the Hiram Walker “Where to Buy” page and find retailers who carry it in the area you’d be visiting. I’m, unfortunately, not the best resource on where to find Hiram in the UK. You could always try infusing your own apricot liqueur if you can’t find a product you like in your area. Let me know how the hunt for the perfect Apricot Sour goes!


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