What’s the Occasion?

Mmmm... Coffee, Coffee, Coffee....

My oh my, what a busy week we’ve all had!

Monday was National Chocolate Milk Day, Tuesday was Drink a Beer Day, Wednesday was a celebration of Coffee Day, and today is Hot Mulled Cider Day.

Phew! Minus the fact that I sorta switched Monday’s and Tuesday’s holidays (I HAD to throw back a few beers watching Da’ Burrs pull off that Monday Night Football victory over the Packers!), it goes without saying it’s been a thirst-quenching week.

Gregory over at A History of Drinking has been keeping an immaculate archive of our country’s many beverage related holidays, as well as finding excuses in history worthy of a toast.

This week alone, Greg found some great uses for Hiram Walker’s new 90-proof Cinnamon Schnapps, Original Cinn. First, there’s the Irish Coffee adaptation – The American Coffee #3. Then, there is his household favorite – the appropriately named “Jacked Up” Mulled Cider.

Grab those Irish coffee mugs, a bottle of Original Cinn, and give these recipes a try in your home!


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