The Big Apple’s Best Commuter Bars

Grand Central Station's main concourse (photo from

James Mulcahy is a mind reader.

For reals. New York’s all-around barfly wrote a piece special to Metromix earlier this month about some of the top commuter bars to crawl into while in the vicinity of the city’s many transit hubs: Grand Central Station, Penn Station and, yes, even Port Authority.

My locale in CT is just far enough that I still have to plan pretty ‘on-point’ to get into the city by a certain time but close enough that I can be under Manhattan’s big lights on any given day. As a somewhat frequent Metro-North commuter, I’ve come to learn the ins-and-outs of shuffling through Grand Central Station, but a light bulb clicked on when I read James’ story – I really haven’t explored the drinking scene near the stations! This clearly must be changed.

I’ll be doing a bunch of traveling in and out of New York over the next several weeks (both for work – more to come there! – and for pleasure) so I’m going to start a running list on this blog entry of the different bars I come across in my adventures.

In the interim of not having begun my commuter bar crawl, be sure to give James’ story a read. There are definitely a slew of options on there to lead me in the right direction along my imbibing adventure.



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4 responses to “The Big Apple’s Best Commuter Bars

  1. Before we discovered Flatiron Lounge, and before Pegu Club was even open, Jen and I used to meet up sometimes at the Campbell. Lovely place to have a drink, especially if you’re with a hot date and you’re both a little swanked up. It’s the type of bar where jeans look more out of place than a suit does.

    After having experienced Flatiron and Pegu, we returned to Campbell a couple of times and found the cocktail program to lack ambition, so having found better places to tipple, we stopped going. But still… it’s extremely convenient to Grand Central, it’s a beautiful space, and you honestly will feel like you’re having a tryst with Don Draper. Definitely worth a visit, but don’t expect great drinks.

    • cocktailculture

      I’ll move the Campbell up to first on my to-do list. 🙂 I’m certainly not expecting the complexity of the cocktail menus of Pegu Club or others, but it’ll be nice to know that there are more options in the area than I even realized!

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  3. Amy

    Campbell Apartment is definitely tops of my list for Grand Central. It’s more about atmosphere there than an inventive cocktail list but in this case, it’s worth it.

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