Happy New Year!

Relax, that Labor Day hangover of yours didn’t last all the way into December. It’s a different kind of new year we’re celebrating – the Jewish new year to be exact. And, just like most every other Jewish holiday, there is always food and drink in the mix!

To ring in the start of a new Hebrew calendar year, Jewish tradition has it that we eat apples dipped with honey, symbolic of the sweet year ahead.

I’m looking to change the game at this year’s celebratory dinner with a pair of cocktails riding on the apples and honey theme.

I think an Appletini Recipe will start us in the right direction…


Shake and strain into martini glass, garnish with an apple wedge

For me personally, I like to play with the garnish a bit more on this drink than a simple apple wedge. I think Stirring’s makes a real nice Apple Martini rimmer that is glamorous, yet effortless.

I’ve got the tart apple component down, and now I just need a sweet cocktail recipe calling for honey to complement this drink. Leave me your favorite recipe that utilizes honey in the comments section. If I think your recipe is all “the bees knees,” I’ll later come back and feature it in this post!


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5 responses to “Happy New Year!

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  2. This is a good one from Eastern Standard here in Boston. The sparkling wine adds a lot to the drink.

    The Dancing Scotsman
    1 oz Blended Scotch (they use Dewar’s)
    1 oz Lemon Juice
    1 oz Honey Syrup

    Shake with ice and strain into a coupe. Fill with sparkling wine and garnish with a flamed lemon twist dropped in.

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  4. cocktailculture

    Is this a recipe from Jackson? I definitely will have to give this a try! Thanks for sharing, Fred!

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