BarSmarts Wired Now Open!

Bartending enthusiasts rejoice! BarSmarts Wired has gone viral for a third time, with the next wave of the online bartender training program starting back on July 1. And, yes, while my announcement on Cocktail Culture certainly is late, there is still plenty of time to participate – the program is live until October 31.

We’ve spoken plenty of BarSmarts programs (just click on the tag “BarSmarts” to read some of our other coverage), so here’s your nickel-and-dimed version: Pernod Ricard USA and Beverage Alcohol Resource, LLC, continue to team together to present the BarSmarts Wired and Advanced courses. Under the tutelage of the likes of DeGroff, Pacault, Wondrich, Olson, and Seymour (so almighty and powerful they don’t even need their first names listed), “students” in the program cover topics such as spirits and cocktail knowledge, tips on tasting, and industry history. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Much of the program also focuses on cocktail technique and best service practices for those in the bartending profession.

There are still more perks! Signing up for Wired will earn you a complimentary messenger bag and complete set of professional bar tools (as pictured above). Dually for you cocktail enthusiasts, Wired is an exciting program in that you get to learn and practice the craft from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule. It doesn’t get much more practical than this!

If you have more questions about BarSmarts Wired or Advanced, I encourage you to visit the FAQ page or feel free to leave me your questions in the comments or via email. I was given the opportunity to go through the Advanced program in April and had a wonderful experience! Plus, you get one of these nifty-looking thingies upon completing the program. That’s worthy of a toast right there…


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