Have all my prayers been answered?

Have all my prayers been answered? We can’t confirm for certain…yet. We’ll know once the Amazon delivery fairy arrives at our office with K-Cups in hand.

As if spiking my coffee with Kahlúa during Tales‘ Kahlúa Coffee Bar wasn’t enough, Timothy’s World Coffee has introduced Kahlúa Original K-Cups, a blend of  rum, vanilla, caramel, and 100% Arabica bean coffee. I don’t think the events took place in this particular order; I just happened across the option when perusing Amazon for my at-home collection of K-Cups. The customer reviews on the web pages are wide and varied so we really have no clue what to expect.  However, having a Mexican Coffee  in an individual serving, brewed and ready to drink in less than a minute sounds pretty much like a dream come true!

Has anyone yet tasted this product? I’d love the feedback as we anxiously await the arrival of our Kahlúa Original K-Cups.


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