Sea Fizz

This time of year, New England is blessed with some pretty gorgeous weather days (in fact…today is one and it’s a bit of a struggle to keep myself from looking longingly out the window). But I was spoiled earlier this week, when, on a rare day-off, I spent some time in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Such a gorgeous, charming little village by the sea! Or a summertime playground for rich, WASP-y types (depending on your perspective). But there’s no denying it’s lovely. I even contemplated spending an evening at the stunning Ocean House (pictured here)…until I found out it’s $750/night! YIKES!

I was surprised to find a local watering hole carrying Pernod Absinthe (not a likely find in these parts) and it got me thinking that the ambiance was just right for the Sea Fizz cocktail. Too bad they weren’t carrying eggs behind the bar (again, not at all a surprise around here). Still, the trip inspired me to fix one up at home to enjoy, and that I did! It’s simple, light, and refreshing-much like the name suggests. And since I’m in a good mood-I’ll share 😉

The Sea Fizz

1 part Pernod Abisnthe

1 part Simple Syrup

1 part Fresh Lemon Juice

1 egg white

Shake ingredients (sans egg white) in a cocktial shaker filled with ice. Add the egg white and shake vigorously. Fine strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Enjoy!


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3 responses to “Sea Fizz

  1. This looks like a delicious, refreshing cocktail to enjoy sitting on the deck. This evening. Very nice!

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