Kahlúa Javatini

I’m not a huge proponent of iced coffee. I like my coffee served hot. And preferably black. However, Mutineer Magazine‘s latest blog post from Ashley Routson may sway my opinions on the matter.

Check out this recipe, created by Ryan Willbur of LA’s Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea. Plus, I love the tips provided on how to make and store enough iced coffee for up to two weeks – that makes my morning routine about 100x more simplified. I may have just discovered my new morning jolt.

Kahlúa Javatini

1 part Kahlúa
1 part whole milk
2 parts iced coffee concentrate*
1 part filtered water
1 dash curacao

Shake ingredients with ice, strain, and serve up in a martini glass. Garnish with a light sprinkle of fine coffee grounds.

*For the iced coffee concentrate:
Use a medium or light roasted coffee. Grind one pound of coffee coarse. In a larger pitcher, combine coffee and nine cups of cold water. Allow coffee to soak and brew for 18-24 hours. Filter the concentrate by pouring the mixture through cheesecloth into another vessel. Refrigerate. Concentrate can be stored and used for up to two weeks.

I encourage you to revert back to Routson’s blog post for more Iced Coffee creations, which call for a slew of Kahlua’s flavored products, Mocha and Hazelnut.

Enjoy turning your Good Morning into a Great Morning.


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2 responses to “Kahlúa Javatini

  1. Thanks for the mention! I enjoyed reading your other Kahlua recipes. If you are attending Tales, definitely keep an eye out for us. Mutineer will be there in force!



    • cocktailculture

      We definitely will have to meet up there! I’m looking forward to my first trip to Tales!


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