Kahlúa Inspirations

Thursday Drink Night brings out the creative, the complex, and the all out crazy when mixologists and home bar enthusiasts gather together in the Mixoloseum chat room. Kahlúa, the famed coffee liqueur, sponsored Thursday Drink Night on May 20 and we had a great number of drink recipes submitted for the accompanying Kahlúa Brunch Drink Challenge. You can read more of the challenge here and see other submissions I’ve posted on here.

Many thanks go out to Fred and Keith for participating in the Kahlúa TDN and for sharing their Kahlúa inspirations on their own blogs – just maybe we’ll see one of their concoctions featured at Tales in July!

Solitary Confinement by Keith P

1.5 oz rye
.5 oz Lemon Hart over proof rum
.75 oz Kahlúa
.5 oz Green Chartreuse
Bar spoon cane (simple) syrup

Stir all of the ingredients in the mixing glass with cracked ice until well chilled and strain the mixture into the serving glass and garnish.

Veracruz Sling by Frederic Yarm

1.5 oz. Kahlúa
.75 oz. Lime Juice
.5 oz. Orange Juice
.25 oz. Angostura

Shake and strain into a rocks glass. Top 1 oz soda. Float coffee bean for garnish.

I hope these delicious recipes inspire you to create your own Kahlúa cocktail at home. Cheers!


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