Somewhere That’s Green…

Let me let you in on a little secret—I’m no Martha Stewart. Spring is in full bloom now and I’ve really been trying to get a garden going, but I’m finding I most definitely DO NOT have a green thumb.

Observe this photo—miniature yellow roses, my favorite! They were a house-warming gift from my grandmother and I assure you they looked gorgeous when she brought them over. But less than two weeks later they are withering away, poor things. I give them water. I give them sun. I’ve given up.

Better stick to something I know—Spring Drinks. I thought this one was particularly appropriate and so easy you can’t possibly screw it up (trust me)! Refreshing, lively, and green—it’s the exact opposite of my garden. Enjoy!

Artist’s Garden

1 part Pernod Absinthe

¼ part diced cucumbers

2 parts ice cold club soda

Add ingredients in a stemmed glass, give a quick stir, and garnish with a cucumber wheel. I also rimmed my glass with a little rock salt but that’s just my taste!


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17 responses to “Somewhere That’s Green…

  1. Sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. awesome blog. I have trouble with gardening too. I recently killed bamboo, which I thought was supposed to be an easy plant to grow. My boyfriend, however, has an amazing garden, and he grows me cucumbers every summer. I can’t wait to try this drink with fresh cucumbers!

  3. A woman after my own heart;)

  4. Eric Reber

    I am guessing your poor roses need to be re-potted or planted in the ground, if you have space. I think they are having drainage issues. They don’t do well if they are too wet. Good luck, mostly gardening is trial and error learning. Don’t give up! The drink sounds fabulous!

    • cocktailculture

      Thanks for the advice, Eric! My mother said the same thing but unfortunately we’re still getting down to freezing temps at night in CT so I don’t think I can plant them outside. Perhaps a bigger pot is the answer though I hope it’s not too late!

  5. Raul Alanis

    As I said in my current post…Flowers are rebellious! It’s not us…it’s them!! lol

  6. sounds tasty! thanks for the post!

  7. colin L beadon

    Ah Roses!
    They do better in pots, I’ve found. You just have to make sure you water them till you see water out the bottom of the pot. Don’t let them dry out, or remain water logged. They love horse manure, in moderation and not fresh. Learn how to cut them back.
    As for fancy drinks, I don’t partake though they look so enticing. Give me golden Rum or golden beer, any time. Those two are the nectar of Gods.

  8. So what happened to the roses?

    Take the petals, add mild and a bit of sugar and stir. Rose milk shake. I have tried it and I liked it.

  9. Songbird

    Absinthe! I have always been a bit of wary using absinthe… ok so much so that I never have…it scares me…lol. Have to say the Artist’s Garden looks delicious though…

    • cocktailculture

      There’s nothing to be scared of! You do have to be careful with a high-proof product like Absinthe but all the hype and hoopla concerning the danger or mystique of Absinthe is unfounded. Trust, you won’t be seeing any green fairies if you enjoy an Artist’s Garden or two 🙂

  10. I sympathize. I too have a black thumb, but I just keep trying to get things to grow. I have managed to keep a parsley alive for almost a year, a new record. I love cucumber, so thanks for the drink recipe!

  11. This blog is very good. Thanks for this. I will bookmark this page..

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