Happy Cinco de Mayo!

While yesterday’s margarita recipes were posted to inspire creativity behind the counter, today I’m sticking with a good classic, the traditional Margarita.

As I was preparing my drink station for the practical exam at Bar Smarts Live last week, David Wondrich told me he’d back in a moment, as he was “opting to grab a better tequila.” I was elated!

“Do I get to stir up a margarita?” I asked, to which he just smirked and said “We’ll see.” Moments later, I was stirring up my most favorite cocktail for the Historical Oracle.

Here’s the recipe as the Bar Smarts Advanced workbook teaches it:


2 ounces Tezon blanco or plata 100 % agave tequila
1 ounce Triple Sec (the book suggests Cointreau but I’m equally happy with Hiram Walker Triple Sec, especially if I’m making margs for an entire group)
3/4 ounce fresh lime juice
Optional 1/4 ounce (or two bar spoons) agave syrup

Combine first three ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled salted cocktail glass. Salting the rim: Frost the edge of the cocktail glass by rubbing a lime wedge on the outside rim of the glass, then dipping it into a saucer of coarse salt.

Ahhh ¡que rico!

Have a fantastic fiesta!
– SJ

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