Time to Indulge: Strawberry Kir

I’ve written this post in advance, but hopefully by now I will have completed (and, hopefully passed – although I won’t know the results for a few weeks) the Bar Smarts Advanced live course.

As a reward to myself, I think it’s worth indulging with a bit o’ the bubbly. And, at the beginning of it’s seasonal peak, there is nothing that says summertime treat more than a Strawberry Kir.

Strawberry Kir:

1 part Hiram Walker® Créme de Strawberry

4 parts chilled dry white wine (or Perrier-Jouët Champagne, if you’re feeling adventuresome like I am!)

Serve in a wine glass (or champagne flute) with or without ice. Garnish with a fresh strawberry.

I will have much more event coverage in the coming days, so stay tuned kids. In the interim, cheers and many many congratulations to my fellow Bar Smarts compatriots!

– SJ

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