Today’s the Day!

It’s finally here! I’m taking my BAR exam today!

I’ve been studying for four weeks for this day to test my spirits knowledge and bartending skills at Bar Smarts, presented by Pernod Ricard USA.

So here I am in Washington, D.C. preparing for a full day of tastings, discussions, cocktail demonstrations and, of course, the ever-menacing practical exam where I will be asked to make 3 cocktails in front of one of BAR’s judges. I’m talkin’ about the big players here: Dale DeGroff, Steve Olson, Doug Frost, F. Paul Pacult, Andy Seymour, and Dave Wondrich (Have I mentioned that I’m incredibly nervous?).

A parting image – I leave you with a shot of the Blood and Sand cocktails I made during my last night of practice at the Dirty Bird. I’m still trying to perfect that Flaming Twist of DeGroff’s, sigh….

Tune back in soon, fellow readers, for a recap of my day-long adventure in bar education.

Have a great day!


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3 responses to “Today’s the Day!

  1. cocktailculture

    Thanks guys! I had so much fun. Expect a wrap-up post very very soon!


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