Celebrate Pernod’s origin with a special discount

Dear fellow tippler,

You spent your whole paycheck on bar tabs and fancy liquors again, didn’t you? We know just how you feel.

To help balance your booze budget, there’s a coupon just for you! The good folks at Pernod Absinthe are offering a coupon to Facebook users who become an online fan of the acclaimed liquor. Now through May 18th, you can earn a rebate of $18.05 (chosen after the year the absinthe was originally developed) for one purchased 750 mL bottle of Pernod Absinthe. But you have to be a Facebook fan to reap the benefits!

So before you next plan to blow your bankroll at the local liquor store (yup, we’re both on a first name basis there, too…), sign up to be a Pernod Absinthe Facebook fan. You will feel rewarded knowing that you will be able to still eat that night with all the moola you’ll be saving.  😀

Enjoy this special discount from the Creators of Absinthe in 1805!

Your friends at Cocktail Culture

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One response to “Celebrate Pernod’s origin with a special discount

  1. Yay! News you can booze!

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