Well, fair readers, I’m afraid that the final day has come for Cocktail Culture. Like so many blogs that have come before this one, Cocktail Culture is headed to the blog graveyard. Stephanie and I have decided to shut down the blog, as it’s become clear that we can’t handle such a high maintenance project. I also recently decided to give up drinking for good, so it’s fair to say there wouldn’t be much to talk about anyway. It’s been fun. Thanks for reading. Just one last thing…

April Fools. C’mon-did you really think we’d give up that easy? Sorry if we toyed with your heart. Here’s a drink to make up for it:

The Fool’s Truth

1 ½ oz. Beefeater 24 Gin

1 ½ oz. Hiram Walker Triple Sec

2 oz. Fresh squeezed lemon juice

½ oz. Simple Syrup

Fill a shaker with ice and add ingredients. Shake vigorously for one minute. Pour into an iced Collins glass. Garnish with mint leaves and a straw.


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One response to “Farewell!

  1. You’re so cruel! Not funny, I’ll have to drown my sorrows in your drink.

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