Drink To: Elizabeth I

As part of Cocktail Culture’s recognition of Women’s History Month, we’re drinking to Queen Elizabeth I. She had a profound effect on British History and is perhaps best remembered for having expanded the empire overseas. Though she never got around to marrying, the Queen was able to nab herself a fiance some 21 years her junior-she was the original cougar. Which is why we felt it only appropriate to pair her with the following cocktail.

Cheers, Queen Elizabeth I!

Mrs. Robinson

1 ½ oz. Chivas Regal 12 yo

¼ oz. Crème de Framboise

¼ oz. Lillet Rouge

Dash Lemon Juice

Dash Simple Syrup

6 Raspberries

Muddle 4 raspberries in the base of a glass. Add the other ingredients and crushed ice, before stirring and crowning with crushed ice and two more raspberries.


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2 responses to “Drink To: Elizabeth I

  1. Thomas Setter

    Is it me or are all your drinks only made with Pernod Ricard products?

    • cocktailculture

      Hi Thomas-

      Full disclosure-if you check out the “About” page you’ll see we are both marketing professionals in the spirits industry, and so while we’ll cover a number of brands and topics, we focus on the clients we are interacting with on a daily basis. And you’re absolutely right-for the time being, the majority of them are Pernod Ricard brands. Thanks for reading!

      -Sam & Steph

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