Spring Cleaning

Someone somewhere said that it’s officially Spring. I’m not sure I believe them. (Need I mention it’s 52 and raining in Avon while my hometown of Phoenix is enjoying 80 degrees and sunshine?! Psssh…) Nonetheless, it’s that time of year where I find myself actually gearing up to clean the apartment. Spring Cleaning is in full force!

This is The Dirty Bird in its less frequented days, well before I moved in.

My “To Do” list: After scrubbing in the kitchen, followed by an unearthing of that space once resembling a desk, the next spot reserved for my Spring Cleaning list is The Dirty Bird. The Dirty Bird is the home bar I share with my boyfriend, aptly dubbed from his surname, Siegel. Our other roommate, Ron, constructed the bar from scratch – impressive! (See attached photo)

However, despite being 10 feet long, there never seems to be enough storage space behind the bar. I am always scrounging around – using my phone for a light – searching for a particular bottle. There is no organization. So, before coming up with a system to line up the bottles, I felt it would be appropriate to finish off the seasonal products I have laying on the shelves.

Enter Hiram Walker’s Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread liqueurs.

Winter Sunshine Martini: I think the name speaks to the weather dilemma I recently wrote of in the Northeast.

2 parts ABSOLUT® Citron Vodka
1 part Hiram Walker® Gingerbread Liqueur
1 part Hiram Walker® Triple Sec.
Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a lemon wheel.

Spicy Irish: Just because St. Patty’s has passed doesn’t mean we have to stop pretending to be Irish.

1¼ parts Jameson® Irish Whiskey
1 part Hiram Walker® Gingerbread Liqueur
Splash Ginger Ale.
Fill in a tall glass with ice. Pour ingredients as listed. Garnish with both a lemon and an orange wedge.

Smashing Pumpkin Martini: This sipper makes me want to cozy up next to the fireplace once again.

¾ part Beefeater® Gin
1¼ parts Hiram Walker® Pumpkin Spice
¾ part fresh sour mix (1 part each lemon & lime juices, 2 parts simple syrup)
Combine ingredients in shaker with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into cinnamon-sugar rimmed martini glass. Garnish and serve.

Cheers and happy cleaning!

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