What’s in your G&T?

Aaahhhh, the G&T. So refreshing. So thirst-quenching. And still so easy to screw up.

Impassioned as I may be about spirits, I’m still what you would call an “amateur” bartender (Bar Smarts – you’re on my radar!).  So my predicament that I raise to you, my fellow cocktail enthusiasts and mixologists, is:

What type of tonic water do you use in a Gin & Tonic? Adding to that, does your gin selection for the evening influence the tonic used? For example, would you use a different tonic product for any of the following:

  • Beefeater – A London Dry Gin, it seems this style is the most familiar to gin consumers
  • Beefeater 24 – Infused for 24 hour with Sencha and Green teas
  • Hendrick’s – With its botanical infusions (I don’t really have to tell you folks there’s cucumber involved here, do I? hehe), it kind of falls into that “other” classification of gins
  • Bols Genever – The sweet Dutch counterpart to Dry Style gins

I’m sure that I’m not the first person to host the great tonic debate, but I feel the best way to learn is through conversation. I’m real anxious to hear your thoughts and suggestions so, please, go blast the comments section!



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5 responses to “What’s in your G&T?

  1. Thomas Setter

    Hi for me the perfect G&T is Martin Millers Gin and Fevertree tonic. The balance between these two is eerily good. I understand in fact that Fevertree was originally created by the Miller’s people because Martin Miller himself was complaining about the rubbish choice of tonics available. Hats off to Mr Miller I say.

  2. For me a little Haymans Old Tom and Q Tonic. I also like to add a drop of Dolin Vermouth just to round out the rough edges.

  3. cocktailculture

    Thanks for the advice, guys! Looks like I need to go restock the home bar and give these tonics a try! 🙂


    • EzE

      For tonic I like either White Rock or Fever Tree, I’m itching to try Fentimans. I drink New Amsterdam Gin and try others on occasion. How many different type gins do people stock? I add 1/4 tspn Fee Old Fashioned Bitters and Orange Bitters.

  4. We suggest Both Q tonic & Fever tonic with Desert Juniper Gin then a Lemon to bring the flavor out.
    Desert & Fever with a lemon is today’s friday afternoon choice

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