How to Drink Absinthe

If you’ve already snagged a bottle of Absinthe for yourself and your friends but still have no idea what to do with it, check out It’s a new site on the web with articles and posts from some esteemed contributors. Jim Meehan of NYC’s PDT (also known as the guy who cleaned up at the Tales of the Cocktail Spirits Awards last year) recently wrote a short piece entitled “An Adult’s Guide to Absinthe” (SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t involve Red Bull).

Of course, I’m pleased to see Pernod Absinthe made mention, alongside St. George & Pontarlier, the latter being news to me. But whatever brand you’re drinking, you’d be wise to heed Mr. Meehan’s advice. He kind of knows what he’s talking about…

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  1. thriftyprincess

    There’s a great deal of mystique surrounding Absinthe. History buffs might enjoy learning more about the Classic French Absinthe Ritual at

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