Pernod Updates

Lots going on with our Absinthe of choice lately. Pernod Absinthe has enhanced their label design and packaging. The new design more clearly differentiates Pernod Aux Plantes d’Absinthe Superieure  from Pernod® Anise, a favorite in France for more than 200 years. The clean and sophisticated new label is easier to read and is more in line with absinthe category packaging. The new gift box includes a specially designed absinthe spoon at no additional charge. The unique absinthe spoon replicates the design of the popular spoons used by absinthe aficionados in the 19th century and allows consumers today to experience Pernod’s absinthe in an historic and authentic way.

They’ve also got a new U.S. website up and running, which you can check our HERE.

And last but not least, there’s a wondeful Pernod-sponsored “Creator Of” Art contest running which asks artist to submit original pieces for the chance to win $1,850 (for the year Pernod was created). Learn more about the contest on Pernod’s Facebook Page.

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