Matrimonial Leave

pumpkin 2Hello Dear Readers!

Pardon the brief interruption from your regular scheduled programming, but I’ve got an announcement to make. I’m taking off tomorrow for a pretty eventful week.

My wedding is Sunday!!! Cross your fingers for good weather in Eastern CT, because I courageously/foolishly planned an outdoor ceremony. After that, the Mr. & I are headed to Cancun for a week of relaxation, which is just what I need after these hectic months of planning.

No worries—I’ve got a few posts in the queue to be automatically added here, but I just wanted to let you know I’ll be out of touch for awhile. I hear the internet will be conveniently down in Cancun from October 5th to October 12th. Shucks! Looks like I’ll just have to relax, then! 🙂


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One response to “Matrimonial Leave

  1. Congratulations! I’m sure it’ll be a beautiful day, no matter what the weather!

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